Biden Should Begin Calling AOC Now

Wilkinson in Bloomberg:

Sanders, whose attacks on the Democratic Party are always his most heartfelt, may sabotage that effort. But the brightest star in the American left, who also happens to be one of the most talented Democratic politicians anywhere, could help seal the deal for Biden in Milwaukee and beyond: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC won’t be abandoning Sanders anytime soon. But for a glimpse of how important her eventual support is, take a look at Texas, which Biden won. Black voters are not just the Biden base; they are also the sole reason his campaign is alive. They resurrected him in South Carolina and carried him to victory in multiple states on Tuesday. Yet the exit polls in Texas show Biden losing black voters ages 18-29 by 15 points to Sanders. Biden lost Hispanic voters 18-29 in Texas to Sanders by 56 points. He lost Hispanics ages 30-44 by 41 points. Among whites 18-29, Biden lost to Sanders by 60 points.

…Among the Sanders base of young people, however, she is the future. Indeed, AOC gave an enormous boost to Sanders when she endorsed him in October, at a point when he had just experienced a heart attack and his campaign appeared deflated. That endorsement may have sparked a Sanders revival.

AOC made clear at the time that she is interested in building a movement, not just winning an election. Sanders has just proved how difficult that will be without the support of mainstream Democrats. As of 2020, the path to a more equitable society — the endgame for AOC — still runs through the Democratic Party.

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