30 officers injured in protests after shooting of knife-wielding man by Philadelphia police

You have to wonder what the police are thinking across the country.

Is it: will any use of force against a criminal, even one who is armed or is resisting arrest, result in riots and my being fired?

And if the police are thinking twice or three or four times about using violence against a suspect, the safest outcome for them in terms of their future as a police officer or their personal well-being is to do nothing.

Not to use force in making an arrest.

This means bad things for law-abiding citizens.

Because the criminals understand this — to prevent being arrested, criminals should resist arrest.

And now, 30 police officers are injured because of violent protesters over the use of force in stopping a knife-wielding criminal?

Over time, the good police will quit.  And the police who decide that the use of force is too risky will do nothing.

Crime will rise.

Innocents will suffer.

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