Zuckerman: “The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History”

The publisher of U.S. News and World Report has written a politically significant and insightful article that sums up the effect of The One and his policies of expanding entitlements and spending trillions.

Mortimer B. Zuckerman titled it “The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History.”

It’s subtitle is equally clear, “Current federal budget trends are capable of destroying this country.”

“There is an instinctive conclusion among the American public that President Obama’s stimulus package has failed to create a sustained recovery. Unemployment has increased, not declined; consumers have retrenched; housing starts have crashed along with mortgage applications; and there is a fear that a double-dip recession may very well be in the pipeline. The public perception, reflected in Pew Research/National Journal polls, is that the measures to combat the Great Recession have mostly helped large banks and financial institutions, and that’s a view common to Republicans (75 percent) and Democrats (73 percent). Only one third of either political leaning thinks government policies have done a great deal or a fair amount for the poor.

“There is another instinctive conclusion among the American people. It is that the national deficit, and the debts we have accumulated, are of critical political importance. On the national debt, the money the government has spent without the tax revenues to pay for it has produced mind-numbing numbers so large as to be disconnected from reality. Zeros from here to infinity. The sums are hard to describe; it is hard to describe an elephant, but you know one when you see one. The public knows that, shuffle the numbers as you may, the level of debt is unsustainable.”

The One, however, would rather play golf than cut spending or cut the deficit or lower our debt.

Even Standard and Poor’s is having trouble maintaining the fiction that is the U.S. triple AAA bond rating.

But the American people sense that The One can not cut government, nor can Speaker Pelosi — so there will be a dramatic change in the make up of Congress — and the U.S. will stop digging itself into a bigger hole.

The what next part can only be answered when The One leaves.

Until then, defunding ObamaCare and preventing any more trillion dollar “stimulus” packages or industry bailouts — i.e., stopping the bleeding — will be the chief achievements of the new Republican Congress.

The One — aka the serial-liar-in-Chief — is so arrogant and so politically destructive to his friends and allies, it is amazing that anyone in his party listens to him or does his bidding.

The only thing The One and David Axelrod and the Speaker have brought on their own party, the country and the American public, is really bad and difficult things.

My sense is, that in the fall of this year, these bad things are only going to get worse, especially with regard to the U.S. economy and the political strength and standing of the Democratic Party.

All because The One is so arrogant, and will not stop spending.

But hey, we do have a golfer-in-chief.

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