An Opponent Who is Beating themselves to Death Deserves no Respect, None at All

Among other very high prices to be paid for the Dems health reform jihad, it will cost them control of the U.S. House.

Here is the Generic Ballot from Gallup from 1994, the year the Republicans took 50+ seats and control of the House, right after the failure of HillaryCare. (H/T the Marston Chronicles)

But it is worse now, than it was then (see 2010 Gallup Generic Ballot graph below the jump.) At least in 1994, the Dems had the sense to stop when it was obvious what HillaryCare was doing to them. Now they are irrational. Like a crazed drug addict — they will do “almost anything” to get their fix.

And, unlike 1994 — unemployment is now at 10%, the U.S. deficit and debt are soaring and our economic growth is anemic. No surprise, the public wants Congress to focus on the deficit and the economy. So, naturally, the Dems work on health care to the exclusion of all else.

Even as the Democrats keep saying they want to work on jobs and the economy, all they work on ever is HEALTH CARE — literally, they can not shut up about it, or stop themselves from working on it all the time.

They keep lying to themselves about when they will be done. (Lying to themselves is something they have done a lot of in the health care debate.) First, the Dems have said they’d be done by July 4th. No wait, we’ll be done by the August recess. Uh, definitely by Thanksgiving. Absolutely by the off-year elections in Virginia and New Jersey. On the President’s desk by Christmas — for sure.

Wait, we need it done by the special Senate election in Massachusetts (actually, they did not say that, I am just saying they said it — or will be soon.) We’ll be done by the State of Union. Now they predict sometime in early February; anyone for April 1st?

To finish, the Dems must vote to amend the Senate bill on the House floor, vote on final passage on the House floor, and then, the bill goes back to the Senate, for more 60 margin votes and amendments.

The ever-slow-to-understand-Senate-rules Dem Representatives do not understand the Senate nightmare again awaits. Nor do they understand that the reason there is no House-Senate Conference is that the Senate Republicans objected to the appointment of the conferees — thank you Senator DeMint.

Meanwhile, Dem “retirements” (read: you are insane if you think I’m running in Nov.) are at unheard of high numbers for the majority party in charge of the White House, and the party with a super-majority in both the U.S. Senate and House.

Speaking of 2010, here’s Gallup’s Generic Ballot graph going into 2010:

It has all happened before, in 1994 — right after the Dems tried to force feed America HillaryCare. It is happening again.

Did the off-year elections in Virginia or New Jersey temper the Senate Democrats or the White House or the House? No.

So why should polling data that puts Senator Kennedy’s seat in a dead heat in the bluest of blue states change their behavior? Despite the fact one of the two most accurate polling companies in the country for the just cited off-year elections are reporting that those who strongly oppose (read: HATE) the health plan are going to turn out in droves in Massachusetts. Brown, the GOP candidate for former Sen. Kennedy’s seat, is up by one point. (If Brown wins, the Dems lose would be at 59 votes in the U.S. Senate. So, if ObamaCare is successfully amended in the U.S. House and then passed, it would not get the 60 votes it needs to pass in the Senate.)

Of course, the Gallup generic ballot graphs above are like a klaxon on a submarine. Even when their friends and allies warn them like Charlie Cook — the White House and the Speakers Office just make up reasons why what is so, is not so — and the Dems and their staff believe them. None of the Dems have the courage or insight to shoot ObamaCare in the head — a mercy killing to stop their self-inflicted wounds by delusional leaders — and so ObamaCare eats them like a raging political cancer.

How hard do you have to work to deny the facts in front of your face?

How delusional must you be?

How Polly-Anna?

How blind?

They are definitely drinking the Kool-Aid. And the Jonestown Kool-Aid Gang in the White House, the Speaker’s and the unelectable Majority Leader Reid’s office cry: drink on! Drink on!

My sense is that the public’s determination to vote the Dems out is only increasing every step the health care bill takes. Meaning, the more determination the White House and the Speaker show in cramming down the public’s throat — the harder the public’s resolve becomes to return the favor in November. Peggy Noonan calls this the risk of a “catastrophic victory.”

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