World Health Organization: The Global List of Mammals Known to be Infected with H5N1 (Bird Flu) — as of July 2023

There has been an unprecedented number of mammals infected with HSN1 (Bird Flu) this year.

Here is the list of mammals that have been infected (as of July 2023) as compiled by the World Health Organization, in their recent document Ongoing avian influenza outbreaks in animals pose risk to humans:

  • Species of mammals known to be infected with A(H5N1) clade viruses to date: ferret, mink, European otter, North American river otter, marine otter, European badger, skunk, Virginia opossum, Amur leopard, Amur tiger, mountain lion, fisher, European polecat, lynx, bobcat, domestic cat, red fox, coyote, racoon, racoon dog, South American bush dog, American black bear, brown Bear, grizzly bear, Kodiak bear, domestic pig (serology only), grey seal, harbour seal, fur seal, sea lion, porpoise, bottlenose dolphin, short-beaked common dolphin, white sided dolphin, dogs, Japanese raccoon dogs, Beech marten, Caspian seals, Asiatic black bear, Chilean dolphin, Burmeister’s porpoise. More studies are needed to understand baseline levels of infection in wild mammals.

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