Will Congress Save ObamaCare from a King Victory?

by Administrator
March 2, 2015

If King wins in the U.S. Supreme Court, the longer Congress waits, the more leverage it will have to insist on changes that the Democrats will accept.

Withholding action to replace the subsidies will force many beneficiaries to drop their coverage and/or force insurers out of the program.

So there it is, the collapse of ObamaCare will happen if Congress does nothing.

It’s gut-check time for the GOP.

They can effectively repeal ObamaCare by doing nothing, or let pressure build and negotiate a replace re-design.

Can they sit on their hands and watch the collapse of ObamaCare?

They did not design it.

They did not vote for it.

They oppose it.

They want it repealed.

So post-King, here is their chance.

What will they do if King wins?

They can use the cries of protect the uninsured to pass something Obama will sign, because the alternative for the President is to watch his signature proposal collapse and die by “death spiral.”

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