Why would HHS kill off individual and small business HSAs with their Rigged Rules?

Why would HHS kill off individual and small business HSAs by making it impossible to buy the health plans needed to open and contribute to an HSA? The 5.4 million Americans who have an HSA from their small business employer or who buy on their own because their employer does not provide coverage, all will find HSA qualified plans harder and harder to find, until they become simply not available. Large employers who use self insured plans, are exempt from these rules, so they are safe from the rigged rules — only because they do not apply to them.

But the question remains, why would HHS deliberately dry up what was believed to be the main supply of bronze level plans?

President Obama has said, repeatedly, “if you like your plan you can keep it,” as well as wrote a letter to Republican leaders on the eve of the ObamaCare’s passage that said:

“I believe that high-deductible health plans could be offered in the exchange under my proposal, and I’m open to including language to ensure that is clear. This could help to encourage more people to take advantage of HSAs.”

But there has been no change in either the Minimum Loss Ratio Rule or the Actuarial Value Rule, despite written and in person meetings to explain and request and petition for changes that will allow HSAs to survive.

Since these rigged rules apply to the exchanges and the private, outside-the-exchange sold insurance, the motivation may simply be to force Americans with an HSA into the exchanges — and force them to buy non-HSA plans, as well as pay a much higher cost for their health insurance.

Plus, with the low-cost bronze plan options largely eliminated, because these individual and small group HSA qualified health plans will be eliminated, the cost of the ObamaCare subsidies will skyrocket and the entire trillion dollar cost of ObamaCare will explode.

1) Is it possible that the Democrat bureaucrats are so hide-bound and ideological that they simply will sacrifice all bronze plans, forcing Americans into higher cost, higher regulated, exchange-based health plans, just to kill off HSAs and to boost the numbers in the exchanges?

2) Or, is it simply that the bureaucrats are too dense or too conditioned to hate HSAs, that those that understand the bronze plan storm that is coming, cannot get those that don’t get it, to understand?

3) Or, is this just another effort to force millions of Americans into high premium, highly regulated plans so that they become so frustrated — while they are forced to purchase high cost insurance — that they cry out for a single payer, all-government run health system?

It is clearly not in the Democrat’s political interest to kill off HSAs, but their refusal to amend there rigged Minimum Loss Ratio and Actuarial Value rules makes no sense, unless you pick options 1), 2) or 3).

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