Why “Coach” Tuberville’s Hold on Military Nominees will Likely End Up Killing Babies and Cause Senseless Deaths of American Men and Women in Uniform

The fundamental problem with Senator Tuberville — aka “Coach” — stopping all military promotions is simple: it will not save a single baby.

But it will likely end up killing tens of thousands of innocent babies and untold numbers of American servicemen and women.

The saving babies test is simple: if Tuberville had succeeded in changing the Pentagon policy, how many babies would Tuberville save?


The policy allows for reimbursed travel and paid time off to have an abortion for a servicewoman who is deployed to a state where she cannot receive an abortion.

The Pentagon does not pay for an abortion.

The Pentagon pays for her transportation to the place of the abortion.

Twelve servicewomen have used this policy this year.

But these same women could have used a pharmaceutical approach, as the vast majority of abortions do now.

Not Pressuring the Decision Makers

The second flaw in Senator Tuberville’s strategy is that holding up servicemen and servicewomen’s promotions does not put pressure on the civilian leaders of the military.

The military takes orders from the civilians in our Republic, and those civilians agree with the policy of providing travel expenses and paid time off for women to have an abortion.

So, Senator Tuberville is hurting our men and women in uniform in some twisted, voodoo-doll experiment to get the Biden civilian leadership to change their minds.

It has not worked, and it won’t since Tuberville is not putting pressure on the actual policy decision-makers — he’s going after the people who work for the policy makers — our men and women in uniform.

Choosing the Least Effective, Most Destructive Strategy

The third flaw in Senator Tuberville’s policy is that he acts like his hold is actual leverage.

And that it’s the only leverage to influence Pentagon policy.

It’s not the only tactic he could use; there is a far more effective one: an amendment to defund the policy, that is, to pass a law that will not allow the Pentagon to spend money on their policy of paying for travel and time off for servicewomen to seek an abortion.

That is much more effective, and has the force of law on his side.  It will stop what “Coach” says he wants to stop.

But Senator Tuberville would rather grandstand, to the point that even if the amendment now in conference to defund the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy became law, signed by President Biden, even then, I’ve heard reliably, that “Coach” Tuberville would still hold up the military nominees for promotion.  Why?  Because the civilian leaders did not do what “Coach” wanted.

Seeking Media Attention and Grandstanding has Hurt his Cause

Fourth, Senator Tuberville is myopic, tone-deaf, and generally strategically wrong.

His constant craving for media attention has reinforced the impression that the GOP has lost its moorings on the abortion issue ever since the Supreme Court Dobbs ruling.

Ironically, the Supreme Court Dobbs ruling has fueled more radical positions on abortion — like Tuberville’s — than ever before.

But politically, the pro-life movement has lost eight of eight statewide referendums on abortion, and some of those states were deep red.

The dreams of House Republican leader McCarthy of a 27-seat majority “at the minimum” and the 42-seat majority during the expected “great red wave” in the 2022 mid-term elections, were dashed on the rocks of suburban women at Nyet on the Republican’s perceived complete abandonment of Hyde exceptions for their abortion restrictions.

The off-year 2023 elections has further reinforced the political facts of abortion.  It moved the needle on elections and was often the cause of GOP losses.

Senator Tuberville, no political genius, plays right into the Democrat’s hands.

Weak on Defense while Dividing the Republican Coalition

He opens the GOP up to charges of being weak on defense (which Senator Tuberville is).

He is handing, regularly — like news cycle clockwork, yet another example of how shrill, unreasonable, and completely tone-deaf the Republicans seem in abandoning their previous consensus on normal Hyde exceptions in laws restricting abortion.

This is the part where the pro-lifers say something like, “We must remember, we are saving the lives of innocents.”


Or as a recent Senator said, commending “Coach” for “fighting for the unborn.”

No, not really.  Coach says he is, but he is, in fact, not.

My sense is that I would not, not for a nanosecond, exchange places with “Coach” on this matter on judgment day.  Will “Coach” and all those backing him be seen as saving babies (12 servicewomen used the policy this year) or creating the conditions that caused thousands more to be aborted?

“Coach” will not be seen as saving babies when he is accelerating trends that are electing politicians who support few, if any, abortion restrictions — and unlike Senator Tuberville’s likely failure to save a single baby, the political conditions and atmospherics Senator Tuberville is fueling will and likely already has in these recent off-year elections, elected politicians who will expand access to abortion, and remove some, or many restrictions than exist now.

To put it in elevator-speak even “Coach” can understand: you have done nothing except make more dead babies likely — if you were a bomb disposal tech, you would have cut the wrong wire, setting the bomb off, all while telling everyone how you are “saving lives.”

American Servicemen and women need the best commanders possible

If all this isn’t enough, “Coach” will and has already likely caused the death or injury of American servicemen and women by leaving the military attempt to cope with the wrong person in command.

When “Coach” makes the wrong decision during a football game, he may lose the game or the quarter or the half — his mistakes of “command” may or may not be reflected on the scoreboard or reflected in the win or loss of the game.

Such trifles differ from what happens when the wrong command decisions are made in combat.

Our men and women die when the best and brightest are not in command during combat.

“Coach” has contributed to the ongoing electoral failures of Republicans by constantly rubbing his attempts to stop the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy in the face of the winning margin of voters, who have repeatedly and consistently given “Coach” Tuberville’s position the middle finger in the ballot box.

Further, by hurting the men and women in uniform who do not decide what he wants to change, all while “Coach” refuses to act on defunding the policy which — unlike his current actions — would not hurt our nation’s national defense, all while contributing to real, on-going political harm to his fellow Republicans that will result in more Democratic politicians being elected, which will facilitate laws and policies that will kill tens of thousands, if not likely hundreds of thousands of babies — there is no doubt this is what happened in the off-year 2023 elections in one of the most populous states in the Union: Ohio.

“Coach’s” constant political provocations of pro-abortion women has been completely ineffective in achieving his policy goals but has clearly and repeatedly hurt the political chances of the only politicians who would not vote to remove abortion restrictions.

So, really, “Coach’s” strategy is to hurt our military, divide pro-defense and social conservatives, make Republicans weak on defense, repeatedly hand the Democrats a political weapon, and constantly remind suburban (mostly women) voters why they voted Democrat and not Republican in the mid-terms and off-year elections.

“Coach’s” so-called strategy will and likely has already caused the election of Democrats, who will promote more pro-abortion policies with fewer exceptions, potentially netting out tens of thousands of innocent lives lost.

“Coach’s” Epic Political and Policy Failure

“Coach’s” strategy and hold on our military’s promotions are among the most incompetent and epic political failures I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, compounded by the fact that “Coach” is causing the opposite effect of his stated goals.

The Senate — primarily pro-life Senators — should vote to overwhelming change the rules to stop “Coach” from causing the deaths of more innocent babies and also to end his senseless policy of depriving our men and women in uniform of the best commanders they could have, without whom, when in combat, will be reflected in dead American servicemen and women.

When changing the rules of the Senate to end “Coach’s” destructive hold on military promotions is weighed against the rule’s precedents and future impact of eroding the rights of Senators, Senate staff who understand these potentialities should explain to “Coach” just how destructive his holds would be, when the majority of the Senate decides to roll him — which was never in doubt.

On balance, saving babies and American servicemen and women pale in comparison to the no-brainer of a temporary change in Senate rules.

Tuberville’s strategy is a profound political failure, exacerbating internal Republican divisions, weakening our national defense, and ultimately leading to outcomes contrary to his stated goals.

The Senate must intervene and rectify this situation for the betterment of the military, unborn babies, and the rest of the country.

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