Why Myopic Albany Democrats Who Try to Redistrict AOC Will Hurt their Party and Start a Generation War that Boomers will Lose

In a surprising self-destructive turn of events for Democrats, AOC may be targetted for redistricting by her fellow Democrats in New York’s State capital, as they think about the game of musical chairs with one less U.S. House seat to go around. One less U.S. House chair for New York State is the Census driven game of musical chairs that decides the number of Electoral College votes each state receives (based on population) which happens to equal the number of U.S. House seats every state has, for the next decade.

It is hard for me to state how unbelievably short-sighted and close-the-barn-door-after-the-horses-have-left it would be for the New York Dems to draw AOC out of her current U.S. House seat.

There are other words I would apply to any attempt to redistrict AOC out of her U.S. House seat by Albany Dems: astigmatic, blind, ill-advised, ill-considered, imperceptive, impolitic, impractical, improvident, imprudent, injudicious, myopic, near-sighted and rash.

Such an effort, also, screams weakness: “we are a declining political power and we don’t like it.”

Here is some advice: if you know you are going to lose the war, don’t start it.

And the outcome of this war is as predictable as death itself.

If Albany’s answer to the rise of the Millenials (in the form of AOC) is to redistrict her out of her House seat, they are rejecting negotiated political settlements out-of-hand and could force Treaty of Versailles-like-terms on the Silent and Boomer generation after the Millenials finally take control of the levers of power and are the ones running the country — or at least, have the political power to make radical changes in the way society runs in their image, and in their favor.

Let me put it this way: the big die-off of the boomer generation has begun.

By a year or two after 2024, there will be more millennials voters than boomer voters.

And while Democrats in Albany, New York may not like it, when Niall Ferguson, who is the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, in Stanford is published in The Atlantic, saying this: “Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is often described as a radical, but the data show that her views are close to the median for her generation,” it is time Albany Dems face some hard facts.

Perhaps the Silent Generation’s Alliance with the Baby-Boomers angst and contempt for AOC — has or will create an Empire Strikes Back moment, and she is redistricted.

Here is how AOC’s supporters will see any effort by Albany to re-district AOC out of her seat:

And AOC would become stronger if Albany Democrats strike
(retro-cultural references used for sociological and generational acceptance purposes).

For what? To keep AOC out of Congress?

Good luck with that.

She is an intuitively brilliant political operative who has transcended the word politician, which denotes weakness.

She is not weak.

If those in Albany do it or attempt to redistrict AOC out of her House seat, it will be one of the most significant brain-dead exercises of the declining power of the Silent Generation-Baby Boomer Alliance.

It will also be a galvanizing and teaching moment for the Millenials. It will crystallize for them, just how much the status quo will do to stop their rise to power.

Any move against AOC by Albany will be seen in stark generational terms by the Millenials, while the Silent Generation and Boomers dismissively make denials about it not being about age, the denials won’t stick.

The Millenials have one U.S. House Representative, just one.

And the Dem power structure in Albany wants to redistrict her out of her U.S. House seat?


It is among the worst, most idiotic political strategies ever considered. The only comparison I can think of, in terms of historically very stupid, is the Maginot Line.

When the voting blocks of the Silent and Boomer Generation are considered together, versus Gen Z, Millenials and Gen X voters, younger voters now outnumber older voters:

Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X voters edged out older generations in 2016 vote

Intelligent, strategically smart Dems should be at: AOC’s seat is the one seat that is absolutely off-the-table for redistricting.

Redistricting AOC will cause the strengthening of the will of Millenials to fight this Generational War. It will spread like a viral meme and will be the absolute, official start of all-out generational warfare in the United States.

If those reasons are not convincing enough, here are some others: before AOC is 30, she is the main surrogate for a Democratic Presidential candidate who is in second place in Iowa, first in New Hampshire and second in California. Her Presidential campaign experience and reach is unprecedented for anyone under 30.

What is most impressive about AOC is that she has coat-tails. She has helped deliver Millenials to Sanders and Latinos too. (Biden is not doing well with Latinos.) But Sanders is.

It is rare for any politician, regardless of their age or experience to, with their endorsement and while acting as a surrogate, to measurably impact any Presidential primary candidate’s poll numbers. (Did I mention that Sen. Sanders is in second place in the delegate-rich, Latino-heavy, California primary?)

These types of coat-tails have never, ever happened before, let alone with an under 30 woman of color, who is a freshman U.S. House Representative.

In classic we-don’t-get-it mainstream-media reporting, The Hill put it this way: “Sanders’ candidacy also got a positive jolt when progressive icon Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) endorsed him. The 30-year-old congresswoman has appeared with the 78-year-old senator at several rallies, helping him draw huge crowds.”

What AOC is doing now, in Iowa, Nevada, California, Texas and other states for Senator Sanders is politically and historically significant and is unprecedented.

As in, what idiot or groupthink infected, hive-mined, hide-bound morons could or would come up with a plan like redistricting someone like AOC out of her U.S. House seat?

The blind in Albany are thinking about killing off their number one Millenial representative — that is literally the future of their party and the future of this country? It defies belief how small-minded and lacking in any strategic vision that plan is — I mean, it is self-defeating, self-sabotaging and represents, in every way, a soon-to-be-fading past.

While the percentage of baby boomers who vote in Presidential elections (70%-ish) is much higher than the Millennials who vote in Presidential elections (low-50s %) over-time the boomer vote will continue to shrink, and the Millenial vote will continue to grow — until the Millenials surpass the boomers in real voting numbers.

Furthermore, the over-achieving silent generation that is now represented by Senator Warren, Former Vice President Biden, Senator Sanders, and Speaker Pelosi will soon be part of the past.

The Boomer vs. Millenial struggle could be a contest, or it could be a war. It could be one of competing interests negotiating a series of agreements that reflect a declining power versus a rising one.

Or it could be a Generational War that results in the boot on the neck of the Boomers and Silent Generation, in the same way, and in punishment for, how Millenials see Boomers having ruined the country and the planet.

This is part of what the decision in Albany about redistricting AOC means for the rest of the country.

Naturally, AOC is at the center of a decision in Albany, New York that is, for good or ill, a great indicator of future events.

The force is strong with AOC.

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