Why Health Care Reform Won’t Pass

I have been and always will be among those who believe that the Dems cannot pass comprehensive health reform.  Mostly  because the Dems always over reach.

The Waxman-Pelosi-Obama axis are too liberal for America, and they really do not understand that their holy grail of health care reform is anti-American because it limits choices and imposes government interference and control.

Their politics bear this out, but the discipline that Obama and Pelosi have been able to enforce has only increased the political damage to the Democrats because they have not let nature take its course and let this die a natural death.  They will not stop their crusade.

It is a highly unnatural political event we are witnessing. And it is producing equally unnatural political events.

The normal checks and balances have not worked because the Dems really believed that heatlh care reform was politically a plus — it has taken some of them a long time to realize they are teeing up 1994 all over again.  I can recall Dems ridiculing my use of the word toxic back in July — not any more.

The fact that they will not listen to Charlie Cook is amazing.  Rothenberg is clearly frustrated with his own team — specifically that they are not listening to him either.  They are truely delusional.  They have completely lost their minds politically — lets cut Medicare, tax Americans, take over health care, not work on the economy, cram it down everyone’s throat.

Sen. Nelson and Sen. Lieberman are feeling the results of their voting Yes.

This is not a situation where Congressmen and Senators can vote yes and explain it. They can’t cut some deal and expect their voters to say — oh, that was worth it.  The voters want it dead.  It is like Rep. Stupak said, if you voted no you were given high-fives when you went home, if you voted yes, you were hit upside the head with a 2 by 4.

Every time the bill takes another step forward the politics get much worse for the Dems. Really, this delusion is in the White House with the President and with Pelosi.

And the overwhelming negative political nature of the bill will find expression in some thing in the bill — but more likely in many things.

The competing issues and interests will take the bill down, because of the negative political effects that the bill is creating for the Dems.

They think that by passing health care they will exercise the demons of 1994. What has been proven, beyond a doubt, is that if you do not listen to the voters and keep doing what they hate, they will become just as determined as the Dems are to pass it, but, determined to make the Dems pay.

I can cite the various issues that are vexing the majority — from abortion, to immigration, to the lack of a public option or Medicare buy-in, to raising taxes, to cutting Medicare Advantage, to the $2.5 trillion they will spend, to the government control of all health plans and their design, to the individual mandate to the shifting of employer plans to the government run system of insurance, to the shredding of the promise that if you like your plan you can keep it — as part of the reason the public is at a firm NO, and has been for some time.

These issues have motivated and will motivate various interest groups to be at no.

The payments to the states and the Phrma deal, and the buying off of Landrieu and Nelson are all symptoms of Pelosi, Reid and Obama cramming it down Congress’ throats and the public’s — and it is really not very pretty — the public are sick of it.

All the public wants is a hero to kill this bill.  And someone will step forward.

Ironically, Barney Frank has done the most to kill health care recently, with his elect-Brown-and-health-care-dies statement.  (The reason we are at a place where Rep. Frank makes this statement is all of the work that everyone against this bill has done.)

The fact is that the Dems in Congress were backing away from health care even before Frank said this, and many are praying Scott wins to give them a reason to be the bill killers.

But ultimately, the Dems are doing too much at once and are perpetually giving the public the finger — we are doing it anyway.

I think that if health care dies the Dem losses will be far less — but they are so delusional their leadership refuses to see it, and therefore, they have increased the political damage to themselves by magnitudes.

Harry Reid is a walking dead man. Even Chuck Todd of NBC thinks so. And Pelosi will lose the House, just like 1994.

They are feasting on killing off their own, while saying they are not.  Everyone, including those being feasted on, are slowly waking up to the fact they are.

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