White House Warns Supreme Court Not to Overturn ObamaCare — cites Medicare Distruption

The Fake One has warned the Supreme Court not to overturn ObamaCare because such action will disrupt Medicare.


The White House thinks so much of itself that it wants the Supreme Court to abdicate it’s responsibility to the U.S. Constitution and allow an unconstitutional law to stand, in order to prevent an administrative headache.

Unbelievable. ObamaCare has imposed monstrous financial, administrative, treatment, and all sorts or restrictions on freedom, but the White House wants to avoid an internal administrative disruption?

The arrogance and the imperious attitude of having the nerve to say to the Court that they, the great White House and administration, is perfectly happy and capable with imposing all manner of financial, administrative and freedom strangling burdens on the entire country with their ObamaCare law — then go to the Supreme Court to say that repealing it will cause them an administrative burden with Medicare?

How arrogant and imperious can The Fake One actually be? This is off the charts.

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