Which Foreign Intelligence Service Instructed Trump to Put His Hand Over His Heart as Scenes of Jan. 6th Violence Played at His TX Rally? Could it be, oh I dunno, Satan?

Not to put too fine a point on it — here is a useful thought experiment: which foreign intelligence service instructed former President Trump to put his hand over his heart while scenes of violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th played on a huge video screen at his most recent rally in Texas?

Maybe Dana Carvey had it right when he played the Church Lady on SNL.

“Who could it have been? Let’s see, I dunno, let me think, let me knock on Mr. Noogin; who could trick us into doing that, could have been SATAN?”

So, in multiple-choice format, who told Trump to have a 1/6 Convict Choir sing and put his hand over his heart as scenes of 1/6 violence played on the jumbotron at his recent Texas rally:

a) Satan;

b) the foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation, the SVR RF;

c) Satan;

d) the SVR;

e) all of the above.

Answer: e).


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