When the WH Virus Task Force Ignores 99.975% of the American Voters, Bad Political and Economic Effects Follow

The White House Coronavirus’s Task Force’s focus on the potentially super-sick is politically and economically damaging.

For those who have not been hospitalized because of the Wuhan virus, that’s 99.98% of the American public, they are being roundly ignored because of the myopic focus on the super-sick by Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci.  They are doctors, they care about is treating the sick.  It is what they do.

So, the super-sick lobby created more hospital beds than they needed.

The super-sick lobby created more ventilators then they needed.

And, the super-sick lobby deployed the U.S. Navy’s two hospital ships, which were not needed.

I understand that these number of beds were below the actual projected numbers and the “great work of the American people to slow the spread,” has been credited with the lower number of hospital beds and ventilators than needed.

But what if the real reason is that the mortality rate of the Wuhan virus is much lower than believed, and is right around the mortality rate of the flu?

A lower mortality rate means less super-sick.

This also explains why fewer beds and ventilators were needed.

And the media, who are generally risk-averse, panic-promoting over-reactors, have empowered Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci with some kind of medical veto power over pandemic decisions to the point that the full might of American scientific and production might is focused on a massive number of therapeutic treatment regimes for the super-sick, which is a super small minority of the American population.

We know that 42,438 deaths from the Wuhan virus have occurred.

If two times that many have been hospitalized, then there have been about 85,000 Americans who were either hospitalized or died from the Wuhan virus.

The entire might of the American government has been focused on this 85,000.

As a percentage of the population, that 85,000 represents 0.025% of the American population who have been either hospitalized or died from the Wuhan virus.  (Here is the math:  [42,385 US deaths x 2 = 85,000] divided by [the U.S. population of 330,000,000] x 100 [to express as a percent] = 0.025%.

By definition then, the White House Coronavirus Task Force has ignored the other 99.975% of Americans.

Just as an off-hand observation, it is really not very, very politically smart to ignore 99.975% of the American population — as a general rule, that ends by losing elections.

To Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci, should this 99.975% of the American population should hunker down and ‘Slow the Spread?’

Why hasn’t the White House Coronavirus Task Force focused American scientific know-how on finding a fast and accurate antibody test?

Why hasn’t antibody testing been a priority when it is the only way to discover how many Americans have been infected with the Wuhan virus?

Because doctors care about helping the sick and don’t focus on the healthy — or on those who have recovered — Brix and Fauci can be understood to have a tin-ear on this point.  It’s not their priority, it’s not what doctors do.

As a result, the FDA has approved antibody tests that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix dismiss out-of-hand as inaccurate and should be ignored.

Meanwhile, three American studies, two conducted in California, one by Stanford University and another that has new research from the University of Southern California and the LA Department of Public Health — have been roundly ignored by the White House.

The third study conducted in Massachusetts found one-third of those tested have Wuhan virus antibodies, meaning they have been infected and recovered.

These three studies existence or results have not changed the messaging by the White House.

But sooner or later, the threat perception of the American public will drop radically once the implications of between 28 and 55 times the number of known infecteds have Wuhan virus antibodies, and the real mortality rate of the Wuhan virus is known by the public.

And who are the people keeping this information bottled up?

Are they the doctors who want the total focus of the American government to be only on the 0.0275% of the population who may become hospitalized or die if they are infected?

Of course, the results of the two California studies, one that concludes there are 55 times more Americans who have been infected than known, and secondly, that there are between 40 and 80 times more infected than known (if you split the difference between 40 and 80 you get 60, very close to the other study’s upper end 55 times conclusion.)   But if you average the mid-range estimate from each California study, you end up with 50.75 times the number of known infecteds.

The question still remains, why are there no accurate immunity test to flood the economy with immune workers?

Why has creating, manufacturing and widely distributing such a test not been a priority of the White House Task Force?

Because all the time, attention and treasure have been spent on the potentially super sick, and not the 99.98% of the rest of the U.S. population.

If the public knows that the Wuhan virus has a mortality rate lower than or equal to the flu, it will undermine the ‘Slow the Spread’ message and it will mean people will want to be immune and could, as The Daily Show noted, create incentives to “strategically self-infect” — the horror!

Dr. Brix was asked yesterday a fairly simple question, have you looked at the study out of Los Angeles that found there are 55 times more infected Americans per one known infected — and what is her view of how that reduces the mortality rate of the Wuhan virus?

Dr. Brix simply dismissed the study because of her assertion that the anti-body tests are flawed.  She ignored the study’s conclusion that between 28 and 55 times more Americans have been infected than is now known.

Dr. Brix simply went on about how contagious the virus is and how dangerous it is for the old and the sick.

She refused to recognize the large number of Americans who have already had the virus, and now are immune.

Dr. Fauci has stayed purposely silent too.

Such a reaction is deeply troubling.

Here is what happens to the mortality rate of the Wuhan virus if 55 times the number of known infecteds are infected:

42,385 deaths divided by [the number of known infected 785,459  x 50.75 unknown infected for every known infected = 39,862,044] x 100 = 0.106% of Americans infected with the Wuhan virus die.

Instead of a mortality rate of 5.73% as is being reported on the RealClearPolitics Wuhan virus tracker for the United States, recognizing the accuracy of the Stanford University study or the University of Southern California would become 0.106% — or right on the money of the 0.1% mortality rate of influenza.

In other words, if the medium estimate of two studies in California are correct — that there are between 50.75 times the number of Americans actually infected for each American who has tested positive for the Wuhan virus, then it means 99.9% of Americans infected survive.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all very, very happy and congratulatory that no patient was without a hospital bed or ventilator that needed one.

It does not take away from this fantastic achievement in showcasing American exceptionalism.

The Task Force did a great, world-class job.  It is indeed a phenomenal job done, as Governor Cuomo said.

But haven’t the potentially super-sick received enough time, treasure and attention?

Because of the focus on the potentially super-sick, the task force has missed the impact on the 99.9% of the rest of the Americans, to the point Dr. Brix or Dr. Fauci will not even discuss these findings or give them any credence or force the might of the American scientific know-how to focus on immunity testing.

Meaning, ignoring 99.98% of the American population that will not be hospitalized even if they are infected with the Wuhan virus,  is really a warped way to prioritize the agenda of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Politically it is a really, really bad idea.

Meanwhile, in yet another example of the extreme time and attention being given to the treatment of the American population who may be hospitalized, the potentially super-sick, there are hundreds of drugs for the treatment of the Wuhan virus being lined up for FDA approved tests, and are headed or are now in trials.

Why has the science been completely and totally relegated to backwater status on accurate immunity testing by the White House Coronavirus Task Force?

Is the simple reason is that Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci do not want the public to have its threat perception of the virus lowered until there are so many immunity studies that they cannot be ignored?

That focus on the potentially super-sick is destroying the economy and the social fabric of our country, not to mention bankrupting and closing many primary care doctor offices, because, which, like all the other shuttered American businesses, have no revenue and many are on the verge of shuttering permanently.

Such are the costs of focusing on the very, very small percent of the American population who are the potentially super-sick.





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