When the WH Pushes the Same Propaganda Line as al Qaeda

From the Daily Beast, on Obama’s Shaky Libya Narrative:

The protests, White House spokesman Jay Carney said last week, were “in response to a video—a film—that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.”

You see, a planned multi-location attack, one on the Embassy’s safe house where the list of Libyans working with the U.S. was stolen and the American Ambassador was assassinated, at the same time as the very public attack on U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya can be obfuscated if you push the same propaganda line as al Qaeda — it’s all the film-maker’s fault. Especially when the boot-licking MSM dutifully carries out repeating it over, and over and over. Add in a dose of MSM hate for Romney, and now Obama has two scapegoats for the MSM to attack.

Why would you expect the same President who repeatedly said “if you like your plan you can keep it,” to be truthful about one the greatest foreign policies failures on his watch?

As the Weekly Standard put it:

“For nine days, the Obama administration made a case that virtually everyone understood was untrue: that the killing of our ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, was a random, spontaneous act of individuals upset about an online video—an unpredictable attack on a well-protected compound that had nothing do to with the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.

These claims were wrong. Every one of them. But the White House pushed them hard.”

What a shock.

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  1. October 10, 2012

    […] One so different that the original story lines put out by the State Department and the White House can only be described as propaganda. Propaganda that specifically and totally tracks with the same propaganda line put out by al Qaeda. […]

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