We’ve Moved Mountains to Deal with the 20% Severely Sick, It’s Now Time to Focus on the Rest of Us, the 80%

While it is clear that American Exceptionalism is just that — it has set us apart from the rest of the world — the ventilators are in production, the therapies are being rolled out among the severely ill, and the vaccine trials are underway.

It is now time to pivot to the 80% who have recovered or never did have symptoms but were infected — meaning they have antibodies and are immune.

That 80% is a growing asset of people who can be deployed into the most virus-laden, virus-rich environments, knowing they’ve been sick, they have antibodies and can now focus on bringing our economy back or relieving exhausted hospital and clinic staff.

We need industrial-scale antibody testing so we can deploy the impervious, the armored, the anti-body carrying Americans who can fill in the gaps to help our food supply, our manufacturing base, and health care workers.

Any American with antibodies should be given a card that shows their antibody status and should be part of a central electronic registry to allow authorized third parties people to independently verify anyone’s antibody status.

Focus on the 80%.

It will give our critical infrastructure a supply of workers immune to the virus.

Let’s get America back to work.

It is time to get the immune back in the fray.

The only way to get immunity before one year or 18-month wait for the vaccine is to become infected and have antibodies.

Here is one of the physicians from the Senate take on it which is the same as mine — and I just learned about it now from talking to him — read Senator Cassidy (R-LA) last week in the Wall Street Journal.

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