We won’t talk or negotiate: Dems think Admitting No Weakness on ObamaCare makes it True

The Dem “nothing to see here, move along, move along” public posture on ObamaCare belies the constant political erosion of their own position.

The we-won’t-negotiate, we-won’t-talk, we-won’t-meet on ObamaCare is a sign of weakness, not strength. If they were so sure of themselves and their position, they’d negotiate. But they are insecure, hiding behind an ever-smaller-shield-of-we-are-right-everyone-else-is-wrong.

But since the Dems refuse to parley, obviously, they are at fight.

Which is, of course, why the MSM is blaming the Republicans. (It makes perfect sense.)

They must think their fighting position is strong, and that they can fight on the ObamaCare battlefield (again).

Please, proceed right this way — you’ll notice the cliff — you’ve seen it before.

Meanwhile, while the Dems enjoy another round of ObamaCare cliff jumping, the list of critical problems and political vulnerabilities of ObamaCare is long, and getting longer every week.

But the Dems believe they can ignore it all, and simply play their hand, which with every new card, gets weaker.

Here is a short, far from complete (partial) list:

    • the massive labor force dislocation into part-time work;
    • the massive shrinkage of hours available that workers can work from one employer;
    • it kills off Taft-Hartley (union) health plans, and the unions asked for the same subsidy that Congress received, or a delay like big business secured, but were told by the Administration and the Hill to go pound sand;
    • the higher prices forced on the young because of AARP’s community rating scheme;
    • the vulnerability of the exchanges to fraud;
    • the privacy concerns with providing intimate health and income details, electronically, to a system vulnerable to cyber-attack;
    • the equal protection implications of waiving the mandate for large employers, but leaving it in place for individuals;
    • the equal protection implications of granting Congress special subsidies for themselves, while denying them for all other large employers;
    • the we are spending $900 million on our marketing launch, for something that is not ready;
    • we know it is not ready but we refuse to delay it;
    • the colossal cluster the non-roll-out “roll out” has been;
    • the perjury risk of signing up for the exchange; and,
    • the large list of insurers who have either pulled out of various states or have refused to commit to being part of the exchanges.

The Dems and the MainStreamMedia (MSM) can’t stop telling everyone how pointless the Republican’s attacks on ObamaCare are, but ObamaCare is taking these hits and it is showing.

The last monolithic structure to be in such public denial was the old Soviet Union, with their state controlled media pushing the nothing is wrong line.

But, the Soviet Union was weak and brittle.  When it collapsed, it shattered.

This is not the most likely outcome for ObamaCare, but it is likely chunks of ObamaCare will fall to the way-side, especially since the elite is clear that their “nothing to see here” attitude on ObamaCare — or, we will never change any of it or negotiate any changes — really means the Dems are forced to crawl over the political equivalent of broken glass that ObamaCare has become, and do so repeatedly.

Eventually, their political pain of imbedded glass in their hands and knees will force them to stop and accept changes, and this dynamic will likely come sooner than those inside the beltway believe, for the simple reason that ObamaCare is not politically sustainable in it’s current form.

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