We are Watching Two Ways the Dem Establishment is Losing Power, and Expect some Shrill Thrashing Around as they Realize they Can’t Stop It

Here are the two ways the Democratic Party establishment is losing power:

First, without a doubt, is the Democratic Party’s establishment’s ability to anoint a winner by a consensus among the wealthy who run the country to direct dollars to candidate “X,” which is being drained out of their hands like sand falling through their fingers.

This year, the establishment’s candidate was Biden, with a healthy dollop of cash for a big Buttigieg hedge.

Then, along comes the “ant problem,” as one Swamp Dwelling Democrat calls it. Sanders supporters represent the ants. The problem, as the Dem establishment sees it, is if all the ants work together, they can do great things. Plus, the ants are angry.

And until now, there were many, many things standing in their way.

Chief among them is that they had to believe that they could all act collectively and that they would.

The $34 million Sanders raised in the fourth quarter has put any doubt about this collective strategy to bed forever, and likely made (in a cultural way) the “act collectively” behavior a permanent part of future campaigns.

Now, even ObamaWorld is acknowledging “Sanders won’t run out of money.”

The second way the Democratic Establishment is losing power is that AOC has expanded the known universe of voters and has brought in, um, those the Establishment is not used to meeting and seeing. AOC did not win with the voters pollsters poll, she won by bringing these in new voters.

It’s the same way Trump won. Both AOC and Trump brought new voters to their table. Just as the new Trump voters changed the Republican party, so too are the new AOC and Sanders voters changing the Democratic party.

AOC’s victory was based on expanding her voting block by 68% with new voters, and a part of that 68% was increasing her under 40 voter turnout to equal her over 60 voter turnout.

If Sanders does either or both of these things — manifest the under 40 turnout to equal the over 60 voter turnout, or, expand his vote total by 68% with new voters — then Sanders will win the nomination and the general election.

The only way Trump could win under those circumstances would be to match those gains by increasing turnout and finding new voters too.

It’s not magic, its simple math.

The real trick is actually doing in a Presidential election, what AOC has already done in her Democratic primary and general election.

But the AOC district’s demographics are far different than the rest of the country. Whether that matters or not is a significant question.

Can, just like the fundraising, Sanders pull off what AOC has already done in attracting new voters and increasing the turnout percentage of under 40 voters to equal the over 60?

If he can, Sanders wins.

Since AOC has already done both of these things and is advising Sanders and supporting him, and it is why I keep writing about AOC, and why I respect what she has accomplished so much.

Here is a thought, Sanders + AOC = a team that has exponentially increased Sanders’ ability to win. Their effectiveness as a team exceeds the sum of them individually.

P.S. If you want to know more, watch this 8-minute video, and read this very long article in the Intercept.

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