Watch for the Wellstone Effect

Given the almost unprecedented political thrashing the Democratic Party, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Congress is receiving because of the Democratic Party’s proposed government take-over-of-American-healthcare — can the highest ranking Democratic Senator, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid really be serious when he says that he is going to re-double his efforts to pass health care reform?

Or is he just paying lip service to the death of a truly Great American, Ted Kennedy?

Say what you want about the bridge and Mary Jo, but Senator Kennedy did change everything, all the time, and he was persistent and succeeded in most of his goals. He did things that Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Waxman and President Obama and Senator Reid seem incapable of, which is reform his approach and agenda based on immovable political objects. His colleagues, however, refuse to bend, and increasingly, as a result, they will break instead.

Senator Ted Kennedy was a great legislator, that is what he did, he changed laws, all the time, and at a rate that makes virtually every other Senator look like a piker. Passing a law that is signed by the President is really difficult, and very, very, very few people do it repeatedly, over the course of decades.

Are the rest of the Democrats just greedy or just programed to self-destruct by attempting to kill Senator Kennedy’s legacy of reform by tying his name to a politically-radioactive-product?

There is a decent argument that the Democrats don’t care about using Senator Kennedy’s life for their own goals, but that they are just greedy? I want health care reform, I want it NOW, I want it ALL and I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU SAY OR DO, I STILL WANT IT ALL. Another saying comes to mind, pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered.

The Democrats have 59 votes in the U.S. Senate, soon to be 60 once the new Democrat is appointed to replace Senator Kennedy, and a huge majority in the U.S. House, more money, better treatment by the mainstream media and the U.S. Presidency.

Given their power and position advantage, does it not seem their plan to have 500 rallies with paid attendees is unsightly and desperate?

Ultimately, it is their inflexibility and arrogance that comes from their policy greed (I want it now, I want it all) that could drive them to politicize the funeral of Senator Kennedy to the point of it repulsing the American public.

The Democrats should remember their experience with the Senator Wellstone funeral.

Given the moral certainty of liberals and their arrogance in their views, their pent-up demand for some good news on health care and their urge to imprint Senator Kennedy permanently on the historic record, combine that all and then add a truck load of saturation coverage from the boot-licking mainstream media, and a Senator Wellstone funeral blow-back effect is a real likelihood.

Then, the Democrats will have truly used Senator Ted Kennedy’s death to effect the exact opposite of what Senator Kennedy would have wanted.

While I disagreed with almost everything Senator Kennedy stood for, the MSM subjecting the country to a Senator Wellstone type funeral experience, would be using him like a cheap suit. And when I say I disagree with Senator Kennedy, I have fought him and his highly experienced and politically tough staff tooth and nail over every inch of hard won ground (won some and lost some, mostly though, won) — we should all hope that the media and Democrats do not treat us to a nauseating political spectacle.

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