Using U.S. Data, the Math to Find the Denominator of the Total Number of Infected Americans

Current numbers in the U.S. according to the John Hopkins University’s site that is on the wall in the virus situation room:

791 infected.

27 dead.

According to U.S. testing protocols, only those tested are sick and have no other positive test results for their illness, or were in contact with someone who went to countries dealing with an infection, are tested.

Plus, we know that 20% of the population of the infected become seriously ill.

And we know that 80% experience mild symptoms.

Therefore, if the 791 represents the sickest 20%, then we can conclude that 80% who have mild symptoms are not among the 761.

Therefore, the denominator of the number of infected is 761 x 5 = 3955.

Total deaths in the U.S. are now 27.

27/3955 x 100 = 0.67%

Therefore, the mortality rate of the coronavirus in the U.S. is 0.7, or seven times that of influenza.

The total infected is 3,955.

However, these numbers will change significantly once millions of test kits flood the United States, whenever that will actually is, versus the fiction we have been told thus far.

Of course, using the logic above, knowing the number of severely ill will inform us of the total number of infected, and how far and wide it has already spread in the United States.

But to the extent the number of severely ill in the U.S. are not counted, we will be off on the total number of infected.

But at least this will give us a sense of how difficult it will be to contain it, or whether or not we should try.

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