U.S. “Hospital Management” Software Used Up Personal Protective Equipment Reserves by Design

Capitalism cannot plan for or prepare for a black swan event like a pandemic — as U.S. hospital management software specifically used up personal protective stockpiles and did not replace them for financial reasons, as reported in The Wall Street Journal:

—The hospital industry, in a bid to increase profit, slashed inventory of all supplies. Rather than bulk up after the swine flu, hospitals turned to inventory-tracking software to winnow stocks of protective gear and other supplies, hoping to be able to replenish it as needed.

—Manufacturers got bitten during the swine flu, ramping up production only to be left with few buyers when that crisis abated. Many mask and other device makers rebuffed later calls to build back emergency capacity, ceding a chunk of the market to overseas makers.

—The U.S. government focused more on preparing for terrorism than for a pandemic. Despite the severe 2009 flu, the government lacked a permanent budget to buy protective medical gear for its Strategic National Stockpile of supplies for health emergencies.

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