Two Thoughts about the Covid Crisis in North Korea

The Covid crisis in North Korea has created a natural reaction among many, which is to conclude that North Korea is lying about the nature of the Covid outbreak.

Some have concluded that Kim Jung un is using Covid to crackdown on his citizens and increase his already near total control over his 25 citizens.

I am not among those folks — I think the crisis is likely understated since they are only counting people who have a fever since there is little testing available in North Korea.

Secondly, if the roughly 250,000 new patients with fever a day continues, North Korea will have no choice but to open its borders to international assistance.

As those with fever who would be hospitalized or otherwise deteriorate, North Korea will have hundreds of thousands of people who are very sick, and a statistically significant number will die.

Once the state of the pandemic in North Korea has been confirmed, the alarm will be about the explosively contagious virus jumping the border of North Korea and going global, in addition to attempting to help North Korea, once the situation is so dire, they allow it.


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