Trump’s Legal Strategy for Every Indictment Comes Down to Two Words

Hung jury, that is Trump’s legal strategy for every trial.

It’s simple.  It’s political.  It’s in his wheelhouse to pronounce bombastic, simplistic, categorical, and fantastical statements.

Trump’s team all but confirmed it when Alina Habba, the spokesperson for Donald Trump’s legal team, told FOX News Sunday that Trump does not have to prepare for his various trials because he has “done nothing wrong.”

The problem with that strategy is that juries take their job very seriously, and the crimes that Trump has been indicted for are very serious.

And Trump’s political statements that rile up and solidify his base ultimately will lose their credibility and power over time.

His strategy is unsustainable in the long run.

And it is not a legal strategy, which is a really bad choice, to go to a criminal trial without a legal strategy, just a political one.  It’s like bringing a handgun to battle a tank.

But it is the only strategy he’s got since he’s as guilty as fu*k.

He may get a hung jury or two on some of the charges, but he won’t get one or more jurors to ignore the law and his crimes in every trial, on every charge.

Is it a fair trial, if one or more jurors will be at: Trump is innocent, no matter what?


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