Tick Tock, Senator Nelson (D-NE) Demands Rep. Stupak’s Amendment in Senate

Like wolves on a fresh killed deer, the liberals keep tearing up Democrats over Representative Stupak’s amendment, which forces pro-abortion Dems to vote for pro-life protections for the innocents.

This has sites like FireDogLake completely bent:

“Is there anyone who did not see this coming, besides the over hundred Democrats in the House who call themselves pro-choice? Ben Nelson (D-NE) is now demanding the Senate also include the Stupak amendment language. Did anyone really think the Senate’s conservative Democrats would let any part of the House bill be to the right of the Senate? If Nelson gets his way (and when hasn’t Nelson gotten his way this year?), so much for “don’t worry, Obama will fix it in conference.”

From Politico,

“Senator Nelson is strongly pro-life and was pleased the Stupak amendment passed with such strong support,” Thompson said in a statement. “He believes that no federal money—including subsidies or tax credits–should be used to buy insurance coverage for abortion. This is a very important issue to Senator Nelson and it is highly unlikely he would support a bill that doesn’t clearly prohibit federal dollars from going to abortion.”

“It is a good thing NARAL and Planned Parenthood did not put up a fight before the Stupak amendment was added to the House bill. It is always so much easier to push things to the left in the Senate. . . .

But NARAL and Planned Parenthood got rolled by Speaker Pelosi, and now pro-abortion Senators will be forced to make the same choice pro-abortion House Dems did (accept Stupak or kill the bill) — but this time, the NARALs and Planned Parenthoods of the world can’t just roll over and play dead, like they did for the Speaker.

There membership now understands the implications of the Senate bill containing the Stupak amendment too.  And the pro-abortionist activists are blogging on sites like FireDogLake.

It would mean the liberals would have to either accept the pro-life restrictions (with activized pro-abortion grassroots calling and pushing, as opposed to being passive like in the House fight) or, alternatively, the pro-abortion Senators will have to kill their own bill to stop Stupak.

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