Thoughts on the Dem Debate — and the Very Scary Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris thinks that the power of Twitter is without “regulation and oversight,” and she is just the person to impose that regulation and oversight. Her twitter debate schree (it’s not a word now, but it sounds like Harris) that President Trump should be banned is yet another example of her willingness to exercise power to try and shut down the speech of her political opponents, and tread mightily on the first amendment. Her second amendment schree is equally alarming.

Can’t we all get along Booker: Is he thinking of the future of the Democratic Party in the general election or is this an “I will make a great unifying Vice Presidential nominee, to help heal the divisions in the Democratic Party” play.

Yang (MATH: Make America Think Harder) is rarely talked about by the corporate media, but the fact that the other candidates kept citing the “4th industrial revolution” is a nod to Yang and his success to date of making Artifical Intelligence and robots a 2020 issue which is now on the national agenda, at least with the Democrats. Mark my words, it will not be long (likely by April of next year) before a Republican takes up the issue as well. Yang will be among that last left standing after the Iowa vote, I predict.

Sanders came off a strong. Very strong, and the fact that he is going to have an endorsement from AOC this week is another indication that you cannot count him out. Once again, AOC is putting her considerable political counter-force on the side of the most progressive candidate in the race — Sanders.

Biden had a great night. But, the fact that Biden denied any wrong-doing by him or his son Hunter is an artificial construct that will not last, especially since Speaker Pelosi’s and AOC’s push for impeachment will bring Hunter to the fore, over and over again. This is a situation that the Biden candidacy cannot withstand — see Hunter’s resignations from Chinese company Board of Directors (where Chinese Communists park party minders) and his pledge to not engage foreign clients if his father is President. Of course, with his father as President, Hunter will have plenty of American clients, so there will be no need for foreign ones. Interestingly, for AOC this is all a big win. Taking out Biden and getting the House to proceed with impeachment are two of her key political goals. Is this impressive serendipity or does she have a strong intuitive sense guiding her? As I have said before, “the force is strong with AOC.”

Warren was also strong, especially on the wealth tax. She took a lot of fire but she handled herself well.

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