This pandemic has exposed the motives of our self-appointed betters in D.C. and the media, pushing anti-American policies to give themselves more power

From The Federalist:

It’s time to stop pretending such folks have any interest in the public good. Let’s stop enabling them by taking their policy prescriptions at face value. Instead, I daresay we should confront them by questioning their motives and real goals. No matter how this pandemic ends, we owe it to ourselves and our posterity to put that mindset under a microscope and try to diagnose it.

What Is the Media’s Megalomania Mindset?

First, we are witnessing an attitude that hopes for failure. Trump critics seem to hope for high death counts in America to score political points against the president. This mindset shamelessly manipulates people’s worst fears, such as CBS News using a video from a crowded Italian hospital dealing with coronavirus patients and reporting that it was in New York. CBS pulled that stunt not once, but twice.

The media go ballistic when audiences are exposed to any views that do not coincide with their agenda to accrue and maintain their power and status — hence, mainstream media cries to stop airing Trump’s press briefings on the virus, and now their attempts to get him to stop appearing at them.

Astonishingly, they also want to ban hydroxychloroquine because it could prove to be an effective treatment for Wuhan virus symptoms as we wait for a vaccine. It’s an outlook that also hopes for a stock market crash, ruining the retirement plans of millions of Americans. Many of these folks also run cover for the totalitarian regime of communist China, which suppressed critical information about the outbreak in Wuhan, unleashing the virus on the world.

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