This is Why MTG will Not Pull the Trigger on the Motion to Vacate

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene—despite all the “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble,” as Shakespeare so brilliantly and famously put it in Macbeth, Act 4, Scene 1—will not make the motion to vacate live against Speaker Johnson is because she does not have the Democrats’ votes.

(If Speaker Johnson does not get aid flowing in time to blunt the Russian spring offensive, that will change quickly.  And then Speaker Johnson will most certainly face a privileged, live motion to vacate.)

Without the votes of the Democratic members of the House, Rep. Greene—aka MTG—will be seen as a marginalized and fringe actor with a handful, if that, of fellow GOP votes to depose Speaker Johnson.

A MTG loss like this would give Speaker Johnson the good housekeeping seal of bipartisan approval.

This would be counterproductive to her creating leverage against Speaker Johnson for her policy demands in the future.

This bipartisan endorsement of Speaker Johnson would expose her actions little more than theatrical (speaking of Shakespeare).

However, her actions are not just theatrical.

MTG ‘s recent public role reminds me of one of the duties held by a member of a standard three to ten-person Communist Party cell—the role of the agi-prop officer.

Here is how Chat GPT describes the roles and responsibilities of the Agi-Prop officer in a standard Communist Party cell:

Agitprop, short for “agitation and propaganda,” is a term that originates from the Soviet Union and broadly refers to the practice of spreading ideological propaganda and inciting agitation among the public to promote the principles and policies of the Communist Party. This practice was not limited to the Soviet Union; it became a fundamental aspect of Communist parties worldwide, including in their manuals and training texts. Therefore, agitprop’s role and the agitprop officer’s duties are deeply rooted in the efforts to educate, mobilize, and ideologically unify the party members and the wider population.

Role of Agitprop

1. **Education and Ideological Training:** Agitprop plays a crucial role in educating party members and the public about Marxist-Leninist principles, the party’s policies, and the historical and theoretical foundations of communism. It aims to cultivate a deep understanding and commitment to the ideology.

2. **Mobilization and Activation:** Beyond education, agitprop seeks to mobilize the masses for participation in party-led activities, protests, and revolutions. It’s about turning passive support into active involvement.

3. **Counteracting Opposing Views:** Agitprop involves countering capitalist, imperialist, and other non-communist ideologies. It seeks to expose what the party considers to be the falsehoods of opposing systems and to promote the communist worldview as the superior alternative.

4. **Media and Cultural Work:** Agitprop extensively uses media, literature, theater, and other cultural forms to disseminate its messages. The creation and promotion of art that reflects socialist values are central to its efforts.

Duties of the Agitprop Officer

1. **Content Creation:** Agitprop officers are responsible for creating educational and promotional materials, including pamphlets, posters, articles, and books that communicate the party’s ideology and policies.

2. **Organization of Events:** They organize rallies, meetings, and educational sessions, ensuring that the party’s message reaches as broad an audience as possible.

3. **Training:** Agitprop officers train party members and activists in ideological principles and effective agitation and propaganda techniques. This includes teaching how to engage in debates, how to educate others, and how to organize grassroots campaigns.

4. **Media Management:** They may oversee or coordinate with media outlets, social media, and other communication channels to ensure that the party’s message is consistently and effectively broadcast.

5. **Feedback and Adaptation:** Monitoring the public’s response to agitprop initiatives, gathering feedback, and adapting strategies accordingly to ensure maximum impact and relevance of the message.

The agitprop officer, therefore, plays a critical role in shaping the ideological coherence of the party and its supporters, while actively working to expand the party’s influence and appeal among the broader population. The methodologies and specific duties can vary depending on the historical context, the country in which the Communist party operates, and the specific goals at any given time.


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