Think Progress talks tough about Reducing Premium Prices because of ObamaCare

It is really difficult to wrap your mind around either the arrogance or outright ignorance of Think Progress to publish this piece on ObamaCare reducing insurance company premiums.

Obviously, the minimum coverage requirements, the guaranteed issue and community rating, combined with the mandated actuarial value and minimum loss ratios had all combined to do exactly the opposite, raise premium prices.

And once the young who decide not to purchase health insurance, which they already decided to go without when the price was much lower, but the sick and uninsured all sign up — the ObamaCare premiums will skyrocket even higher.

But Think Progress says ObamaCare has lowered premiums.

This article is exactly why the Democrats find themselves in the political bind they do now, it is impossible to talk basic facts with some liberals.

They probably do not even know that ObamaCare kills off all union health plans, and that virtually every union has no clue what they are going to do to keep providing health care to their members. And if the unions cannot provide their members with health care, why, exactly have they traded pay raises for health benefits for decades?

And why is it that someone should join or stay in a union that cannot provide health benefits?

But hey, Think Progress says ObamaCare is forcing private insurers to reduce premiums.

Next, they will likely write that the young not signing up for ObamaCare in 2014, but instead, choosing to pay the $95 fine in April, 2015 when they file their taxes, is really an anti-ObamaCare conspiracy.

It’s not a conspiracy, but that ObamaCare is fundamentally flawed, at its most basic level.

Will the young and healthy uninsured, who have already decided not to purchase health insurance, do so just because there is a mandate, despite the fact that there will be a 50% price increase above what they decided not to buy when it was cheaper?

Oh, the 50 percent price increase is after the effect of the subsidies are taken into account:

This from Kessler in the WSJ, The Coming ObamaCare Shock:

“According to consultants from Oliver Wyman (who wrote on the issue in the January issue of Contingencies, the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries), around six million of the 19 million people with individual health policies are going to have to pay more—and this even after accounting for the government subsidies offered under the law. For example, single adults age 21-29 earning 300% to 400% of the federal poverty level will be hit with an increase of 46% even after premium assistance from tax credits.”

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