There will be Blowback — Trump Lies about the Election Come Home to Roost in the GOP Base

Let’s see, Trump lied to his supporters.

Trump lied to the American people.

Trump lied to the world.

Trump riled up his base to show up with brass knuckles, guns, knives, spears, body armor, and shields and urged them, told them to march to the Capitol, and that he was going to march with them.

Those that breached the Capitol have been charged, in some cases, lost their job, and have had to sell their homes because they could not afford them without a job and with significant legal bills.

Oh, and Trump lied and asked Americans to give him money so he could “stop the steal” and “fight” the we-have-no-evidence-but-keep-saying-fraud “legal challenges.”

“Legal challenges” that his crack legal team won exactly one case out of sixty-one.  That is 1/61 or a 98.4% loss rate.

And maybe it’s just me, I dunno, but when you lie to your supporters, incite them to violence that fundamentally changes their lives in the worst way, and then ask to take their money to boot, well, there will be blow back.

And the first sign of it is that Americans collectively decided they do not want to be embarrassed by the former President anymore, not another time, not ever, not again, forgetaboutit.

In results that will drive those with SDS — Sedition Denial Syndrome — to distraction, a New York Times poll just showed the Dems ahead in the Generic Ballot, over the Republicans 41 to 40.

And the internals showed a huge number of Republicans who have had enough, and are washing their hands of the former President.

This is why I have been predicting the Dems will hold the House and the Senate after the mid-terms.


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