The world should sit up and take notice, and not in a good way, when Kim Jung Un says Covid is causing “great turmoil,” and is “a great disaster” with “explosive” spread

If you search the available open source news, you will find no or precious little about the specific covid variants that have stricken China and North Korea.

Of course, Covid-19 originated in Wuhan, China, and the world was not told until well after China had appropriated all Personal Protection gear it was manufacturing, then the world had to wait months for any cooperation on the virus from China.

This lack of transparency helped Covid spread in China and around the world.

Today, the world has little information on the variant or variants that are threatening Beijing with their first lock-down or forcing the notoriously tight-lipped Kim Jung Un who would never say anything bad about North Korea to admit things are not well on the Covid front.

The world should sit up and take notice (and not in a good way) when Kim Jung Un says Covid is causing “great turmoil,” and is “a great disaster,” and that its spread has been “explosive.”

Just what, praytell, does the world have in store for it when China and North Korea are tight-lipped but under the strain of one or more (half a dozen?) Covid variants that will inevitably jump their borders and go global.

Why won’t North Korea and China let the world know which Covid variants are causing “a great disaster?”

Because both China and North Korea are totalitarian Communist regimes who are loath to let the world know they are in trouble, or have trouble on a scale they need help with — they should both China and North Korea let the world know exactly what kinds of variants are ravaging their nation, right now.

Oh, by the way, if China and/or North Korea do open up to the rest of the world about their Covid crisis, which variants they are dealing with, and offer an actual sample to WHO and other nations to test and study, then you should know it is much, much too late, and both countries are in dire straits.

They will have to be forced by an extremely bad set of circumstances to ask for help or share what exactly they are dealing with.

The only way either China or North Korea opens up to the rest of the world is if the situation is so far and truly out-of-hand, that they had no choice but to ask for help.

Then every red flag there is should pop.

Because if either country asks for help, it will mean that the worst of the global pandemic to date, will be coming out of China or North Korea.

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