The Vice President is Race Baiting: ‘They’re going to put y’all back in chains’

Vice President Biden is race baiting African Americans.

He is manipulating their deepest fears.

He is gross and ugly, exploiting one of the most volatile, emotional issues — and he is doing it consciously with premeditation.

Of course, the main stream media will never call him on it.

Make no mistake, the Vice President is essentially enchanting and summoning evil spirits and demons from Hell to wind up black Americans.

Why? Are they afraid that the Fake One is losing the black vote?

Is it desperation?

Why would the Vice President of the United States pollute the political atmosphere with this poison? And where is the lame stream media? Oh, backing the Fake One, and his race-baiting demon summoner, the Vice President.

And the Vice President is doing it with the approval of the President. How do we know? The Fake One’s campaign’s spokesperson said they “have no problem with those comments“, when asked about what, Biden said. If the Fake One disagreed, then he would have said so.

And the silent media agree too — that is why they are silent. The media like race baiting, as long as it race baiting done by Democrats against Republicans.

They too are racist, and want the Democrats to wind up the black Americans with the ugliest incantation possible.

They will reap what they sow.

They are all bastards.

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