The U.S. House Politiburo

Watching the 70-year-old-somethings who make up the members of the Democratic Leadership of the U.S. House is like watching the beginning of the end of the Soviet Politiburo — everyone of the old guard gets their turn, until change comes by them dying off.

And, just like the Politiboro — they will never, ever leave voluntarily.

Rep. Clyburn is just taking his cue not to leave the room from Nancy Pelosi — the Chairman of the Central Committee.

This is what has become of the generation whose formative years were the 1960s — clinging to power and perks, refusing to leave. Not exactly counter-culture, are they?

The One and his true-believer David Axelrod, meanwhile, have a more pressing problem.

How to bring the independents back, and get The One’s Democratic base to support him again?

And how to do this with the poster child of illegitimate legislative trickery, big government spending, big government take-overs and chief fair-legislative-play-rule-breaker, not to mention, shrill cliff-diving — the woman who will not leave — and who wants to always jump — in power again?

The fact that the Democratic Politiburo cannot change its leadership team after getting destroyed in the mid-term election is a testament to how far off course they were before the election, and their inability to pull the ejection seat levers on either Clyburn or Pelosi show voters that they are even farther off course than the voters thought.

Given that the Dems just lost 7 Senate seats and every open seat in Senate — except for the one where Manchin put a round through the cap and trade bill as he pledged to rip the heart out of ObamaCare and was endorsed by the NRA — why Senator Reid is still the 70-year-old plus face of the Senate Dems?

And now the team of Obama-Reid-Pelosi must face the next crisis brewing.

The Blue states can’t pay their bills.

And the no-more-bailouts-because-of-the-voters-and-the-Republicans is now a real problem for the Dems.

To keep irrationally spending, the Dems will have to do what they did with Rep. Clyburn, give him the job he could not win in a fair election. (The rules don’t work, the Dems just change them — a la “passing” ObamaCare.)

In other words, the only way the Dems can save their blue state pals is to give money to those who are not capable of managing it — just like Clyburn was given a job because he was not able to win it in an election.

Instead of affirmative action for jobs, its affirmative action for free-printed-money.

Heck, if the public elected Republicans and foreclosed the bailout by Congress option, then why not just stop by the Federal Reserve and ask them to print some money to hand out to the blue states?

Bernanke is printing $600 billion to a trillion now — and to a woman who has as sharp an economic mind as Nancy Pelosi (who said that unemployment checks create jobs) — I’m sure in her mind printing money for her friends who can’t stop spending is a great idea.

And to the bailer-out-er-in-Chief, why not help out his inner-city pals who can’t manage their finances because they are so busy being moral about giving other people’s money away in entitlements and new programs, they can’t pay their bills.

The Democrats collectively have a hard time facing the reality that their blue state buddies are broke — that is why they passed a $30 billion teacher bailout bill just before they got their heads handed to them in the mid-terms.

Fully expect the Dems to try and give away money from the Fed — just print it.

The Chinese, Brazilians, Russians, Germans and those who do not want to see the currency devalued ought to just love this: Dems print money to bailout cities and states who can’t spend what they get from the deficit ridden Federal government and from their own taxes.

The fact is, liberals just don’t get it. And it is fiscally destroying the country.

Aren’t you glad in the midst of the U.S. fiscal crisis, Politburo Nancy is telling everyone who will listen entitlement reform is dead on arrival and she will fight to defend the “progress” she made last cycle?

She is also telling her colleagues that she will not be such a lightening rod because she will take a lower profile this Congress.

Really? She will take a lower profile when the House GOP repeal ObamaCare?

The other equally opposite thing she has been telling colleagues is that she will stiffen spines at the White House.

Oh boy! I bet the voters can’t wait.

The I-won’t-change-anything-ever-even-though-I-lost-60+ seats is the battle cry of the progressive “enlightened” Dem leadership.

Please pass the theater treats, this is going to be great.

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