The Ukrainians are Suffering because of the U.S. House Delays in Voting on Aid — and Now, Johnson’s Speakership Depends on Aid Getting to Ukraine in Real Time

New polling (not made public) shows that those in the House who fail to get aid to the Ukrainians soon will suffer politically in the coming election.

There needs to be more than just voting it through the House.

A House-passed Ukrainian aid bill cannot get stuck in the Senate.

To save the Speaker, the Ukrainian aid bill needs to be signed into law this week so that help can be on its way in about 96 hours.

As Newsweek reports:

The situation for Ukraine’s troops on the eastern front has “significantly worsened in recent days” according to the country’s armed forces commander.

If Speaker Johnson burns another week by putting this vote off or failing to get it through the House so it can land immediately on the President’s desk, Speaker Johnson will not survive because he will lose the backing of the House Democrats.

This is simple.

It gets done, or Speaker Johnson is done.

Once it becomes known the Dems do not have Speaker Johnson’s back, like the unrelenting and unstoppable force of gravity, a Republican will make a motion to vacate appear and be live.

Four hours after posting this blog, Minority Leader Jefferies issued this statement.

Time is running out for Speaker Johnson to continue to enjoy the Dem’s having his back on a motion to vacate.

There are now 195 signatures on the House discharge petition for the Senate passed Ukraine, Israeli and Taiwan aid package.

Just say’n (again).

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