The U.S. Blew It’s Opportunity to Prepare for the Pandemic that is in Progress

From The Washington Post:

The result has been a passel of stories in the past 72 hours that all arrive at the same conclusion: The United States blew its window of opportunity to prepare for the pandemic that is now about to happen.

    • Time: “Experts say the U.S. response is now likely weeks — if not months — behind schedule.”
    • Atlantic: “The United States’ response to the coronavirus is far behind the spread of the disease within its borders.”
    • Politico: “The slowness of the testing regimen — which, administration officials acknowledged this week, is still not producing enough tests to meet the national demand — was the first, and most sweeping, of many failures.”
    • New York Times: “Public health officials are warning that no one knows how deeply the virus will spread, in part because the federal government’s flawed rollout of tests three weeks ago has snowballed into an embarrassing fiasco of national proportions.”
    • Washington Post: “Many public health officials say the administration did not make good use of crucial time before the virus emerged in the United States.”

Of course, you could also add to that list:

  • HSA Coalition on March 5th: “Historians will Point to the Lack of Test Kits for the Wuhan Virus as to What Allowed it to Gain a Beachhead in the United States — This is Who Needs to be Fired, Right Now.”

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