The Threats to the Secret Service’s Core Mission may Reveal the Reasons Why the “Lost” Jan. 6th Texts of Agents in Trump and Pence Presence were Deleted

Why would the Secret Service delete text messages from agents on the ground with then President Trump and Vice President Pence on January 6th?

The “planned data migration” and tech update excuses are, well, let’s face it, thin.

Essentially, it means the events are either embarrassing to the U.S. Secret Service (i.e. that VP Pence was in as much danger as he could be since his detail was texting HQ to forward messages to their families because they thought they were about to die) because losing the VP, meaning him being killed, would have been a massive failure of the U.S. Secret Service’s core purpose; or, alternatively, the security threat to VP Pence was so bad the U.S. Secret Service did not want to illustrate systemic vulnerabilities in their security modus operandi that could be exploited by other bad actors.  It could be that both of these reasons together were reason enough for the texts to be systemically deleted.

But the deleting of the agents’ texts around former President Trump, if made public, represent an altogether different threat to the U.S. Secret Service.   This is the threat of future U.S. Presidents not trusting the Secret Service.

U.S. Presidents must trust the Secret Service to be around them all the time.

This means when any President’s behavior is observed to be criminal or would make him extremely politically vulnerable if it became known,  the U.S. Secret Service does nothing since if any leak came from the U.S. Secret Service, future Presidents would not trust the Secret Service and therefore, the Secret Service’s ability to protect that President or future Presidents would be severely compromised.

This, again, would be a massive failure of the Secret Service in its ability to accomplish its core mission.

It is called the Secret Service for a reason, and this is one of them.

Of course, when you have a seditious bastard for a President who sets a plan in motion to have his VP killed or incapacitated so General Flynn could be appointed Vice President, and then Flynn would do what VP Pence refused to do, which is arbitrarily set aside certain state certifications of the results for the electoral college, then maybe, just this once, the texts need to make an appearance in the light of the day.


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