The Senate will Pop Smoke and Call the Evac Chopper at the Soonest Possible Moment

The U.S. House managers are so incredibly difficult to listen to because of their patronizing and lecturing tone.

This will not go over well in the Senate, and it is not going over well.

Just as a general observation, U.S. Senators can not stand being lectured by U.S. Congressmen.

And for U.S. Senators to be forced to just sit there (which is what is happening now) and just listen to the House members lecture them is truly some sort of cruel and unusual torture.

Senators drink coffee or eat, they can not leave or use their phone or use any electronics and must not talk to their colleagues.

Meanwhile, Senators are subjected to electronic talking points and videos, which take their torture to whole new levels.

Here is my prediction: the longer the House impeachment managers speak, the longer they subject the Senate to their lectures, the shorter their time in the Senate will last.

The Senators will vote to stop the torture, as soon as they possibly can.

And that will be that.

The Democratic Senators will vote to stop being annoyed and frustrated by the President’s legal defense team.

The Republican Senators will vote to stop being annoyed and frustrated by the U.S. House Members.

Senators of both parties will vote to end their individual and collective pain and vote to shut the House members up, permanently.

Less is more, House managers. But will they listen? Not a chance.

Egged on by the media, they can not help themselves. They won’t shut up.

The lecture today by Rep. Schiff is Exhibit A in what will create this equal and opposite reaction to end the torture, and this end will come sooner than later.

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