The Seditious Bastard’s Banana-Republicization of the United States Continues Unabated

Not only did The Seditious Bastard — TSB — leave the FBI no choice but to search TSB’s residence for the documents they knew he had, and that he refused to hand over after making a big show of having his attorney handing over some classified documents and claiming, through his lawyers, that’s all there were — which, of course, was another TSB lie.

But now TSB threatens violence if he’s indicted — TSB said:

“I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it, I think you’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before.”

Banana Republicization is the act of creating conditions akin to a Banana Republic — consider:

  • A Banana Republic leader who insists he won the election when he did not;
  • A Banana Republic leader who claims election fraud while losing 62 of 63 court cases, and the one he won was about trial procedure, not the merits of the alleged “fraud”
  • A Banana Republic leader who threatens not to leave the presidential residence, despite losing the election;
  • A Banana Republic leader who incites a crowd to violence — insists it serves his Vice President right that the crowd threatens to kill him — to the point that the VP’s bodyguards call and text final farewell messages to HQ and their families that they were going to die and
  • A Banana Republic leader who treats mob violence if he’s indicted.

TSB, since he cares only about himself, and let his cannon fodder twist in court without lifting a finger to help post 9/11, TSB will find his shock troops less than willing to help a narcissistic, seditious lying bastard who is doing everything he can to turn the United States into a Banana Republic.

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  1. October 17, 2022

    […] as President will have no effect on the GOP base or GOP voters in the midterms or Trump’s Bananaization of our Republic — I just don’t see how it […]

  2. October 20, 2022

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  3. November 2, 2022

    […] The re-tweet by Donald Jr Trump of the underwear and the hammer is the equivalent of Steven Miller lying about Antifa on the day of January 6th and feeding it to the press.  It really is sickening — and it is not a joke, a defense that is becoming thread-bare to those in the Republican party who can see the Bananaization of the Republic as the thugs and the …. […]

  4. November 12, 2022

    […] These folks are not accounting for the minus one Republican voters, mainly because these voters refuse to talk to pollsters — they are among the R voters who just clammed up — likely because they were sick of arguing with their fellow Republicans about how insane and crazy the Trump candidates were and Trump had become.  And destructive to the country Trump had become. […]

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