The Seditious Bastard Demands ‘Immediate Elections’ and that He be Installed a President

I don’t know what the term for a narcissist living so deeply in their own fantasy that they publicly lose touch with reality is, but this is what is happening with Trump.

First, he urges his supporters to “go nuts” over the FBI searching TSB’s residence — this call to “go nuts” appears to be taken seriously by The Seditious Bastard, with him leading the way: his “TruthSocial” post demanding both and contradictory ‘Immediate Elections,’ and that he be installed as President NOW!.

Then TSB posts Senator Graham’s there will be “riots in the streets” comment.

Even as TSB loses touch, he begins posting QAnon and 4Chan messages about the great conspiracy against him, like:

Just for the sake of ending the pain and suffering the country is being put through by The Seditious Bastard, he needs to be indicted for his possession of classified materials, among other charges, and soon.

The sooner he is indicted, the sooner we can get TSB off the front pages and into an institution.

The reality is that any other potential Presidential candidate insisting on both immediate elections and that he be installed as President in the summer of off-year elections would be immediately asked to spend some time in a psych hospital.

Of course, the Trumpsters (such as they are a dwindling bunch) insist TSB is being “funny,” and they personally think it is “hilarious,” meanwhile, TSB is not joking.

How long is the GOP going to be abused by TSB, and why do they take it in silence?

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