The Real Reason The One is Claiming The Chamber and Rove are Taking Foreign Funds

The One’s arrogance is so great that he has declared — after spilling the beans about knowing details of the Koch’s financial structure which could only be found out by a close review of their tax returns — that his political opponents were taking foreign money.


Here is a thought: so he could deploy the nation’s counter-intelligence resources to do his bidding.

All it takes is a Presidential finding, one I’m sure he’d be happy to sign — in fact, order it to be created — then sign it.

All the while his running dog Axelrod is whispering in his ear, conjuring up paranoia and egging on The One.

What?  Foreign money you say?

These organizations must be tracked, monitored and investigated to determine if they are acting on behalf of a foreign interest, or even a foreign intelligence agency.

Of course, Mr. President, they are a threat to your politics, and someone as arrogant, as dripping in righteousness as you, must use the weapons at hand to fight back.

After all, you know you are right about everything, so your justified.

Once you get too arrogant — so arrogant you listen to no one and drive your party off the ObamaCare cliff to their soon-to-be-deaths — well, then, it is an easy thing to just declare your domestic political opponents to be in the pay of foreigners so you can use other means at your ready to smite your unrighteous enemies.

The One has a certain Nixonian lurking in him.

And every one of his political opponents has every right to be expecting The One to go to far.

After all, this is what the disaster that awaits the Dems on Nov. 2 is about — The One going too far.

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