The Profound Implications of Speaker Pelosi’s Impeach-ish

If there is an impeachment trial in the Senate, should Senator McConnell not dismiss it outright because Speaker Pelosi did not have a vote to start the impeachment process in the House, thereby denying key legal rights to the Republicans — former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter will be called to testify about their joint work in Ukraine.

But right now, Speaker Pelosi’s who-me-have-a-vote-Impeach-ish routine is leading many to conclude, there is, in fact, no impeachment underway. (The main reason in Washington, D.C., inside the swamp, not to have a House floor vote, is that you do not have the votes, to win the vote.)

She has, however, put Biden’s Ukrainian action front and center, which, in effect, has ripped open a massive self-inflicted chest wound in Biden. Specifically, Vice President Biden’s successful insistence that Ukraine fire the prosecutor investigating the company that Hunter Biden was representing — and the consequences for Ukraine for not firing the prosecutor were, as Biden has said, no billion dollars in aid.

Among the Democratic primary voters, there is a strong strain of anti-corruption and disgust at the sweet-heart deals that Hunter received because of who his Daddy is — like the 1.5 billion dollar infusion into Hunter’s investment fund, which happened right after Hunter went on an official trip to China with his father, Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States — a trip that then-Vice President Biden was criticized for being soft on China.

In fact, the anti-corruption, anti-inside-the-beltway view is a widely held belief by more than 4 out of 5 Americans: “In polling completed in December of last year by Caddell & Associates, 85% of Americans believe ‘the country is run by an alliance of incumbent politicians, media pundits, lobbyists and other powerful money interest groups for their own gain at the expense of the American people.'” 

And into Senator Warren’s and Senator Sander’s and Senator Booker’s and Senator Klobuchar’s hands will be placed their Presidential primary opponent’s reputation and political viability, in a political environment framed by the 85% of people who believe Washington is corrupt to the core.

Even Biden donors have already started to complain about Biden, and cite the lack of a credible response to the attacks by Trump over Ukraine.

But these attacks on Biden have not even really begun.

They will pale in comparison to a Senate trial with President Trump’s lawyers with extremely wide latitude in their subpoena power.

The continued fall in polling by Biden has been accelerated by Speaker Pelosi’s impeach-ish act. She says she is impeaching President Trump, but she is not following the established process for impeachment, giving the huge opening to dismiss the case outright.

The more interesting point is, does the Speaker mean to undermine and politically wound former Vice President Biden?

Did she know in advance that Biden was vulnerable on Ukraine or that he publicly threatened to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden’s client, or that Biden threatened to withhold a billion in aid from the U.S.?

Maybe Speaker Pelosi did not know. My guess is that she probably did not.

But she does now.

So the only moderate who could win the Dem Presidential primary and who is a natural philosophical and political ally of Speaker Pelosi has been irreparably harmed as an unintended consequence of the kinda-impeachment, impeach-ish strategy Speaker Pelosi is following.

Clearly, Senator Warren has benefited from former Vice President Biden’s decline, and once Biden has lost the front-runner status, the question becomes how far will he fall, especially since Senator Sander’s heart attack and hospitalization have highlighted Sanders low 10% support in some polls — and the voters fleeing Sanders are apparently are not going to Biden.

And if Biden’s steady decline in the polls continues, he has two people to thank, Speaker Pelosi and himself for using his position of Vice President and the might and economic power of the United States, to benefit his son.

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