The President’s Excuse about Not Working with Congress has a Huge Hole in It

If you read President Obama’s comments about working with Congress, or why he has to go it alone and act on his own authority, and either selectively ignore or not enforce laws he thinks are wrong and that Congress refuses to change — he says he has to go it alone because he can’t work with Congress, the Republicans block everything.

The American system of checks and balances is designed to make it really difficult to pass new laws, and it is even more difficult to change existing laws since there are interests protecting it. But President Obama was never a legislator — he was bored of the Senate almost as soon as he arrived. President Obama never did have the passion for the complexities, surprises and nuances of a legislative battle.

Big crowds, soaring speeches, that is what he likes, and that is what he is good at.

But now that the crowds are small and the speeches fewer, and the domestic issues are difficult, his new role as he defines it for himself is not to legislate, but to decree.

Legislation that is part of a political battle, like ObamaCare, held his interest. Most in Washington are waking up to the fact that the policy part of ObamaCare was not driving the President to pass it. The heat and light and clash of the political battle attracted and kept his attention. This is why the roll out of his signature law, and the launch of the website did not hold his interest, nor did he perform any real personal oversight prior to the historically failed launch.

Other than Obama’s personal outlook of his lack of interest in policy and his impatience with the legislative process, he has had built in advantages many other President’s have not had. At the beginning of his Presidency, both the House and the Senate were controlled by Democrats. (Right up until the passage of ObamaCare, which ended the Democratic control on the U.S. House.)

Today Obama has control of two of the three branches of the legislative part of the U.S. government — the White House and the Senate — yet he is still claiming and complaining loudly that he can’t get anything done.

Ronald Reagan had to work with a House controlled by the Democrats for his entire eight years in office, and he is considered even by Obama to be a great President. In fact, for a big part of Reagan’s Presidency, both the House and Senate were controlled by Democrats.

President Obama acts like he is the only President in the history of the country to have to work with the opposite party in control of part or perhaps, after the mid-terms this fall, all of Congress. He apparently believes he is a special case, that special circumstances apply to him.

His excuse is one that is not relevant to history, and makes Obama’s “I can’t work with Congress” posture seem small and petty compared to other U.S. Presidents.

President Obama has been quoted that he now is free and do what he wants, now that he does not have to run again and has no other election to face. And President Obama’s natural state now seems to be that he tired of the repeated crisis du jour faced by the Presidency, and his view seems to be: why should I do anything about (fill in the blank)? Pick any hotspot in foreign policy, like Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, the rocket battles over Israel or the Chinese-Russian alliance to rid international trade of the U.S. dollar as the currency of choice. A statement issued by the White House usually is the default mode for the President. Obama speaking is enough, doing means too much work and hassle.

Usually, President’s who are in Obama’s position with no election to face, feel like they can break some china by making a deal that would be impossible if another election was in the cards.

Strangely, Obama is using that fact as an excuse to not do anything at all legislatively, and blame Congress, while the Democrats control half of it.

It is well and perfectly clear that the U.S. no longer controls our southern border (which is now a place we accept illegal immigrants into the U.S., as opposed to stopping them) and Obama’s request for almost $4 billion is focused on processing and caring for those illegally entering, not stopping them from entering. The problem for the Democrats is that the daily news is making a mockery of their position that the border crisis is not a problem of securing the border, but of immigration reform.

And it was Obama’s executive order on allowing the children of illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. that caused the great flood of children to and through our border. Over time, this point will become clear, making yet another point in favor of working with Congress: you can spread the blame if things go sideways, but you have to be willing to share the credit if things go well.

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