The Penalties for not buying ObamaCare insurance in 2014 — $95 for Adults

From Daily Finance, The penalties on individuals:

Obamacare’s provisions for those who choose to ignore the individual mandate and not get insurance coverage are fairly simple. Next year, families who don’t have eligible insurance will pay $95 per adult and $47.50 per child, with the total amount for each family capped at $285 or 1% of income above the filing threshold, whichever is greater. In 2015, those figures go up to $325 per adult and $162.50 per child, with caps of $975 or 2% of income above the filing threshold. The following year, Obamacare imposes penalties of $695 per adult and $345.50 per child up to $2,085 or 2.5% of income above the filing threshold. For any month without coverage, you’ll pay a twelfth of the penalty amount, although you can have up to a three-month gap in coverage without incurring a penalty.

Where things get tricky, however, is in determining who’s exempt from having to pay the penalty. Low-income families whose total income falls below the threshold for having to file tax returns — which hasn’t yet been determined for 2014 but would be $10,000 for individuals and $20,000 for families if the provisions applied this year — don’t have to pay a penalty. Those who make more than those amounts have to calculate how much they’d have to pay out-of-pocket to obtain health insurance under the various subsidies available under Obamacare. If their net cost, after taking away any contributions their employer makes on their behalf, is more than 8% of their income, then Obamacare wouldn’t impose a penalty.

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