The New Republic: Progressive Health Care Reform Remarkably Tough to Pass

The whispering among Democratic staff on both sides of Capitol Hill is that it is easy to agree about health care reform when you speak of generalities.

Specifics, however, are a different story.

The New Republic has been a cheerleader for progressive and comprehensive health care reform. Pass it now, pass it soon has been its drumbeat, until now.

They just published this article titled: “The Art of the Possible Health care reform is going to be remarkably difficult to pass. This is what we can do.”

It was a bit of shock to the faithful, I am sure.

But when the White House says that it is letting Congress take the lead on reforming health care and not taking a top down approach like the Clinton White House did — because advocates have learned their lesson from the failure of the Clinton plan — this simple statement begs a question: when has Congress succeed in passing comprehensive health care reform?

The New Republic article is really just an advocacy piece for consensus health care items.

A through discussion of the cultural and political impediments to health care reform can be found here — but, essentially the point is well taken, comprehensive health care reform has a very high degree of difficulty.

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