The MSM Keeps Conducting Polls — they still have a hard time believing it

It is so funny to read the mainstream media report as “news” that independents have bolted from the Dems, or that voters don’t like ObamaCare.

It has been that way since August of 2009 — a mere 14 months.

But the media refused to believe that health care has destroyed their hero — The One.

They just keep producing polls, and the closer to election day the poll results are published, the greater their shock.

Their boot-licking of The One did not help him.  All it did was feed his arrogance and party-destructive behavior.

The MSM and their boot-licking are true hand-maidens in the Dems destruction.

The funniest thing is that the Dems did this under Clinton — tried to tax energy and reform health care — and lost big.  You’d think they would get a clue, and try and understand recent American political history.

But, The One and his delusional media pals could not face reality — and still have trouble facing it now.

Too bad they would not listen.  Too bad for them and too bad for the country.

They deserve no respect, they are just as arrogant and elitist as The One.

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