The Media Gives Palin the Hillary Treatment, and Now the Media Must be Crushed

In the words of uber-strategist and Clinton pollster Mark Penn, the media has lost all credibility.

First they discredit, undermine and repeatedly criticize and attack Hillary Clinton; while simultaneously praising and puffing up Obama.   (The media are the handmaidens of Obama’s campaign, the mid-wives of his Super-Tuesday victory, and the re-enforcing beams of his nomination.)

Now, the media are realizing their mistake.  They have taken the one sure thing in politics, that the Democrats would win the White House, and have destroyed it.

How could the Democrats be so short-sighted to nominate Obama?  They were lead astray by their idealistic, arrogant most-of-the-time-allies, the media.

In short, the Democratic Party believed the media’s pro-Obama propaganda.   So did the media.  The media believed their own propaganda about Obama.

Anyone with any competence and experience in politics understands that the minute you begin to believe your own propaganda, you are toast.  Reality intervenes.

This is why the media has completely lost their minds, collectively.  They cannot stand to be wrong and to be embarrassed in front of God, and the entire planet.

They have lost all credibility because all their beliefs and predictions and adulation for Obama, are coming crashing down.

In their panic, the media’s influence has dropped radically.  The average voter — including Hillary’s supporters — have just created a tungsten-steel hardened, 18 foot thick concrete shell around their ability to be influenced by the media — because the media has acted with such elitist arrogance and such a overt patronizing attitude.

As Amy Alexander, in her piece “Sarah’s Steel Ones” put it in The Nation: “After watching her with Gibson, it’s safe to say that it took a spine of titanium to stay upright in that chair as “Charlie” scowled at her over the top of his reading glasses.” Just turn off the sound and watch the look on the face of Charles Gibson in his interview with Palin.

The Brazilians have a different meaning for the hand symbol used to say OK in the United States.  Go look that one up, Gibson.

For Hillary’s supporters everywhere, they are realizing that the media must be crushed for women to ever have fair shake in national politics in the future.  The media must be taught the hard lesson that comes only from defeat.  McCain-Palin must win.  Obama-Biden must lose.  It is in every woman’s interest that backs either Palin or Hillary.

And the media have only themselves to blame.  There is even a professor who agrees with this thesis — wow, maybe the elitist media will now take note, now that a professor has said so, oh, and this quote is from a fellow media member, Judith Warner writing in the New York Times (your Bible):

“[Professor] Haidt has conducted research in which liberals and conservatives were asked to project themselves into the minds of their opponents and answer questions about their moral reasoning. Conservatives, he said, prove quite adept at thinking like liberals, but liberals are consistently incapable of understanding the conservative point of view. “Liberals feel contempt for the conservative moral view, and that is very, very angering. Republicans are good at exploiting that anger,” he told me in a phone interview.

Perhaps that’s why the conservatives can so successfully get under liberals’ skin. And why liberals need to start working harder at breaking through the empathy barrier.”

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