The List of Key Dem Chairmen and Health Care Experts who Passed ObamaCare are Retiring from the House and Senate

From the National Journal’s the Democrats’ Health Care Brain Drain:

Take a look at this roster of Democrats who either chaired key committees during the Obamacare debate or were otherwise known for their involvement on health care issues:


Edward Kennedy (chaired the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee; died)
Chris Dodd (ran the HELP Committee while Kennedy was sick, retired)
Tom Harkin (chairs the HELP Committee now; retiring in 2014)
Max Baucus (chaired the Finance Committee during Obamacare markup; principal author of Obamacare; retired to be ambassador to China)
Jay Rockefeller (No. 2 on Finance Committee; advocate for Medicaid; retiring in 2014)


Pete Stark (senior member of Ways and Means Committee; career-long interest in health care; lost reelection in 2012)
George Miller (Pelosi lieutenant; chaired Education and Labor Committee during Obamacare markup; retiring in 2014)
Henry Waxman (chaired Energy and Commerce during Obamacare markup; long career in health issues; retiring in 2014)
Allyson Schwartz (active on Medicare and the health care delivery system; retiring to run for governor of Pennsylvania)

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