The Hardest Working, Most Politically Successful State House Representative

I had the opportunity to visit with Greg Rothman during the last few days of the 2020 election.

I have never seen someone work as hard as Greg Rothman ever in all my many years in politics.

He knocked on more than 10,500 doors.  I was with him when he knocked on 100, and it took four hours.

It takes time to walk between the house, knock on the doors, wait to see if someone answers and if they do, to take time to talk, and then move onto the next house.  Greg said he often walked ten miles a day, knocking on doors.  How many Americans would sacrifice that sort of time and effort to be away from their family or work?

I think I know the answer, 99.999% of the American population would not put in that sort of time and effort.

Rothman also made 15,000 phone calls to his district.  And yes, Rep. Rothman was on the phone when someone answered.

He also sent out mailers telling people when he would be in their neighborhood knocking on doors, and if they were away or missed him, he put his cell phone number in the mailer so that people could call him directly.

But on top of the intense work for his own campaign, he ran the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee.

The conventional wisdom was that the State Republicans would lose four to five seats.

Instead, under Rothman’s leadership, the House Republicans knocked off the PA Democratic Minority Leader and gained five Republican State House seats!  Months ago, this would have been viewed as an impossible feat.

Especially since the Dems raised $30 million to take the Pennsylvania State House — and the Republicans raised $10 million.

So, even though Rothman’s caucus was outspent 3:1, he not only held the seats the GOP had in PA but expanded them too.

It is satisfying to see an actual politician who works so hard to fight for the things he believes in.

Congratulations, Mr. Rothman, on your victory and that of your caucus.

You are a Great American.


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