The Groupthink Dems

The Democrats are finally giving serious consideration to arguments against ObamaCare.

It’s too late for them — the President’s approval rating has never recovered from the 68 point high pre-ObamaCare, and post-ObamaCare is still bumping around the low 40s.

Speaker Pelosi, er Minority Leader Pelosi lost her job.

The Dems lost control of the U.S. House.

The Dems lost their filibuster busting 60 vote margin in the U.S. Senate.

Now it is clear what I foresaw almost two years ago — the Supremes are going to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional.

The Dems need to lock themselves in a room, remove all sharp objects and put guards on the door when they consider health care legislation — like Dr. Jekyll, they become a danger to themselves and others.

But mostly, their groupthink mentality, lead by the President, Pelosi and Axelrod launched them into the suicide bomber mode, and they strapped on the dynamite vest and pushed the button.

The litany of costs to the Dems is listed above.

And the best part is that the Main Stream Media were the hand-maidens and lap dogs of the Dems destruction. Not only are the MSM so thoroughly penetrated by card-carrying-leftists, their inability to continence any objections to the President’s health care plan lead the hapless Democrat Senators and Representatives to believe the MSM ObamaCare propaganda and reap it’s resulting political disaster.

So, here is a shocker: George Stephanopoulos thinks “President Obama can Win by Losing at the Supreme Court.” (Did I mention lap-dog?)

ObamaCare is the greatest political and legislative failure for any party, well, since HillaryCare.

But, oh yeah, the Dems actively refused to listen to anyone who tried to explain this to them before they strapped on the dynamite.

Note to the President and Minority Leader Pelosi: groupthink kills.

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