The GOP will Rue the Day they Threw Rep. Cheney Out of Her Number Three Leadership Post — It Will Be and Is an Event of Great Historic Significance

There are a great many reasons that the GOP will rue the day they threw Rep. Cheney out of her House Leadership post.

For most, though, the source of their coming great regret will be because they simply were not listening.

(Of  course, on the subject of men not listening to warnings by women, there could be a very long series of history classes on that one.)

When Rep. Cheney says she will do everything in her power to stop Trump from getting anywhere near the oval office, she means it.

It is not a warning.

It is a statement of fact.

And it means something when issued by Rep. Cheney.   And I strongly second it.

And mostly, her resolve to prevent Trump from ever becoming President again is the result of tone-deaf Republican officials who see zero cost for toeing the line about the seditious bastard Trump.

There are Republicans, like me, who believe very simply that Trump is a seditious bastard who should be tried for attempting to suborn the Constitution, who tried to overturn a certified election, and now that he is not President, it would be a perfect opportunity to indict him and try him for treason.

Trump has gone from the commander-in-chief to the whiner-in-chief.

Very simply, there are the bowing and scraping types to Trump — and his never-ending (will-you-ever-shut-up?) whining about how the election was stolen — all of whom have now acted in concert to not only dismiss views like Rep. Cheney and mine but to censure them.

And when it comes to the seditious bastard’s pathetic and weak claim “the election was stolen,” there is no proof.

Trump has no proof of systemic cheating that changed the outcome in many states.

Trump will never have any proof because it does not exist.

There is a reason that every one of the 60 lawsuits Trump’s team brought, either lost or was thrown out of court — it is because he had no proof and still does not have any proof that holds up in a court of law.

Now, the House GOP has thrown out the only person in their leadership who sees Trump very clearly for what he is and what he has done to the country.

The blow-back to the GOP from throwing Rep. Cheney out of her leadership post will be excruciating and unrelenting and lay bare the GOP’s permanently compromised status of hand-maidens to a traitor, a seditious bastard who needs to be put on trial.

Why am I so angry and why I, like Cheney, will never, ever let this go?

Trump used a mob to attempt to intimidate Congress, then attempt to hunt down then Vice President Pence to attempt to force him to decertify the election and — this is the real kicker — and why he should be in a windowless room awaiting trial, openly discussed and considered civil war by martial law in the Oval Office, post-election.

There has never been such anti-American, at his core, in the Office of the President, or any President who has done such damage to the office of the President and our Republic.

The GOP should stand by for a powerful and bedrock-changing reaction within the party to their public dismissal of Rep. Cheney.

It is clear that the Republicans I have talked to dismiss, out-of-hand, the overriding concerns of people like Rep. Cheney and myself.

They have made their position clear by stripping Rep. Cheney of her leadership post.

It’s clear where the party stands on listening to and acting on such views.

The GOP has no idea, no clue what they have done.

And they will reap chaos and a bleed-out of some of the critical lifeblood of the Republican party, all self-inflicted, all because they would not listen and actively and collectively refused to listen to serious, profound constitutionally based concerns about the seditious bastard.

This moment will be seen as a turning point and a great separation of those who tolerate, defend and enable the seditious bastard, and those who do not.

But the GOP will tell themselves it’s all going to be OK, what possibly could be the consequences of removing Rep. Cheney from her House leadership post?

They can even side with Politico reporters who dismiss the historic or political significance of Rep. Cheney’s removal.

My view that Trump should be tried for treason and sedition is not a view that will cause a civil war in the GOP party.

There will be no civil war.

There will be, however, leaving the party or voting against it in numbers that will prevent Trump or the GOP from winning.

The out-of-hand dismissal of views like Rep. Cheney and mine and the fundamental refusal to listen to the case for putting the seditious bastard on trial will be seen as the start of action regarding the downfall of the GOP as a political force that can win.

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