The Fixer is In — Team Obama Vanquishes Sanders Campaign in 72 Hours as the Call to Leave AOC on the Sidelines Depresses Sanders Millenial and Latino Turnout

Rarely, in politics, do things go as planned.

It is even rarer they go better than planned.

But Super Tuesday 2020 was the night Sanders campaign for the Presidency died and Team Obama’s orchestrations from behind the scenes took the day.

Sanders Big, Huge, Massive, Unbelievable Mistake

Sanders is, in part, to blame:  Leaving AOC out of his rallies and speeches cost him in every state.

On Super Tuesday and in South Carolina, he was left with a “normal” (low) turnout of Millenials — leaving Sanders’s greatest demographic of support literally sitting at home.

Without AOC, the Millenials had no reason to show up.

So, as usual, they didn’t.

Without AOC, the Latino surge in Texas was smaller, as it was in California.

Whoever made the call to leave AOC on the sidelines killed Super Tuesday for Sanders should be ostracized and fired, immediately.

It was an error of epic proportions.

Team Obama Besets Sanders Operation with Multiple and Simultaneous Attacks that Overwhelm

Of course, the leave-AOC-out-and-lose-Super-Tuesday epic error could not have been exploited to the extent is was without The Fixer, aka, Obama — moving heaven and earth behind the scenes to pounce on Sanders like a swarm of angry bees, slowly and inevitably wearing him down.

First, Mayor Pete’s withdrawal from the race and his endorsement of Biden is the direct result of direct intervention by former President Obama.

Mayor Pete’s call for his supporters to back Biden was heard and obeyed.

Second, Amy Klobuchar’s withdrawal from the race and her endorsement of Biden is the direct result of direct intervention by former President Obama.

Her endorsement of Biden also moved some of the college-educated women in the Mayor Pete-Senator Klobuchar orbit to vote for Biden, goosing (in Biden-speak) his suburban women, college-educated white women vote.

Third, Senator Warren’s $9 million SuperPAC ad buys were designed to help Biden and hurt Bernie.

The fact that Senator Warren reversed herself on SuperPAC money is another example of watching what she says versus what she does, but the clear intent and purpose of her ads were to hurt Sanders, by raising Warren’s numbers in key areas of Sanders’ support, at Sanders expense.

Fourth, combine that with the clear and unequivocal signal from House Majority Whip Clyburn to the entire African-American voting block to turn out and vote Biden, was the icing on the cake.

If I was advising Biden, I’d advise him to pick Clyburn as his running mate.  Biden would not be where he is today, without Clyburn.

Clyburn and the African-American voting block is owed.  Big time.

Fifth, Beto’s endorsement of Biden in Dallas, TX on Sunday helped him win that state.  Again, Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

And sixth, Bloomberg, aka, the Wizard of Oz candidate — as in, he steps out from behind the curtain and things do not go well.  The image and reality collide, leaving the viewer not happy with the reality.

But Bloomberg too played a key and devastating role in depressing Sanders’ delegate count.  Everywhere Bloomberg came in third with more than 15% of the vote (I predicted correctly Bloomberg would not win a single state but would win 15% in a handful of states) Bloomberg denied the vote leader the biggest possible haul of delegates up for grabs.

This builds Bloomberg’s leverage at the convention to get whatever he wants.

And in a world where no candidate may enter the Democratic nomination with a majority, grabbing every possible delegate for Bloomberg hurts Sanders and helps Bloomberg.

Why Sanders Can Not Win Even if He Wins a Majority of the Popular Vote in Every State Left

If it is not obvious from the foregoing, Sander is being attacked in a highly politically effective manner, by everyone else in the race.

Multiple and simultaneous attacks are difficult to defend against.  And as we saw on Super Tuesday 2020, most of these attacks made it through the Sanders defenses.

But, the fact that it took this unprecedented political coordination by Biden, Buttigieg, Beto, Klobuchar, Warren and Bloomberg to take down Sanders — aided and abetted by whoever signed off on benching AOC — should make it clear that there is a fundamental restructuring of the Democratic party underway.

As soon as a Democrat who is not of the DEMpire can equalize the turnout of the Millenial generation with the 60 years and older voters, plus deliver the Latino and younger African-American vote, the DEMpire will have met its match.

The only person on the American political scene who has proven they can do this is AOC.

Too bad Sanders left his Most Valuable Player in the locker room.

It gave the opening for the DEMpire’s multiple and simultaneous attacks to succeed, especially after AOC’s absence was felt in South Carolina.

So, even if Sanders wins the popular vote in every state left, the combination (as in the sum, as in the adding together) of Bloomberg’s and Biden’s delegate totals will ensure that Sanders does not win the nomination.

Period. End of line.

The Democratic nomination is over.

So while Bloomberg may have failed in his task of winning the nomination, he did “get it done” in making sure Sanders did not win the Democratic nomination — with some help from the unforced AOC error on Sanders part and Obama, aka “The Fixer,” working his plans, running his operatives and winning.




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