The Fake Cliff

The big yawn that is the fiscal cliff can be summed up thusly: it’s all fake.

The fake deal to cut spending — 99% of which was in the out years — and the fake intent to stick to the law they wrote.

Congress and the White House pretend to cut spending by a law that will automatically cut spending and raise taxes — and as the deadline for both approaches — it is obvious that neither Party wants a deal.

Why should they? The Dems hate cutting spending. The Republicans hate raising taxes.

The history of laws that automatically cut spending or raise taxes is simple: Congress, when a margin of the cuts or taxes begin, simply change the law to do neither in any serious fashion.

Phase one is to let the automatic law go into effect.

Phase two is to react to the public angst about the cuts or the taxes.

Phase three is to change the law, so nothing much happens.

This is the part that is on its way.

I feel sorry for the Americans duped into thinking any of this matters.

The reason that those who are crying fiscal responsibility, and are in general attempting to right a listing ship cannot get any traction, is far more profound than the general and collective cowardliness of our elected politicians.

Intuitively, everyone knows it simply does not matter.

The entire system of taxes and spending of the U.S. government has moved well past the part where revenue from taxes have any bearing whatsoever on the spending of the U.S. government.

Roughly sixty-percent of the annual U.S. government monies it spends each year is simply created by typing digits into a computer at the Federal Reserve.

We are living in the world of the fake.

Why should anyone take this fakery seriously?

The public doesn’t.

The politicians do not.

Obama says he’s going to cut the deficit in half. He does exactly the opposite. It more than doubles.

The Republicans say they will cut spending. It never happens. Spending always goes up. No. Matter. What.

Welcome to the Matrix of the fake.

The collective decision by Americans is obvious.

It is to avoid the tough calls, and allow the current print-to-pay-your-bills system to collapse.

This is what the decision to decide to do nothing means.

The constant Federal Reserve money printing “stimulus” is just a cover story to explain they can’t stop printing — ever.

They don’t want to give up their power over the type-in-cash-machine.

The White House actively supports the type-in-my-spending model.

And few in Congress will even talk about the big white elephant in the room.

So, the U.S. has been reduced to fake money.

When the U.S. currency collapses, and economic hardship and chaos reign — the new global currency will arise.

After all, Europe has also adopted the print-money-to-pay-my-bills model.

It’s big fun while the illusion of reality holds.

The who-cares-if-we-hit-the-cliff attitude is widescreen because the reality is that it’s all fakery, all the time.

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